How the OA 2017 Conference went

OA {Online Advertising} Sofia 2017 was carried out at a very high level

The owner of SEO Аgency Serpact – Nikola Minkov

This year’s edition of OA was carried out at an exceptional level and again satisfied all the participants. The owner of  SEO Аgency Serpact – Nikola Minkov was a lecturer in the hall for  SEO {panel}.  He made a speech there in front of an audience of 200 people about “How not to lose our SEO optimization after a migration or a new design?”.

“Thanks to the team of Netpeak and particularly to Gennadiy Vorobyov for the invitation and the wonderful organization. It was really important for me to see how my lecture was rated by the audience. After I received  this reference: “Your score is 51 from 61 possible with the highest mark, so that it’s 83,6 % of the audience, who found out your presentation really useful and beneficial!”, from the team of Octopus Events I was really satisfied with the result.” – Nikola Minkov, an owner of  Serpact
Nikola Minkov being awarded at the Conference Online Advertising

Nikola Minkov on: “How not to loose our  SEO optimization after a migration or a new design?”

Create a plan, hire an agency or an expert and then make the migration or the new design!

1. If you lose your positions in SERP, this means you have made a mistake somewhere! – Plan
2. What are the most common mistakes? – Fast check
3. How to find out where we have made a mistake? – Analysis
4. How to correct the mistakes? – Тechnical work
5. Whether we should do periodical analyses of  OnPage? – Monitoring
6. How to track whether our changes are correct?  –Reports

Nikola Minkov during his lecture on the conference

Igor Gorbenko – Serpstat can do more than you imagine!

Use all functions of  Serpstat to track the competition and compare data.

Igor Gorbenko explained in detail about the opportunities of  Serpstat and how can be used for different markets and niches. Where we can see the changes and compare data for the instrument.


1. What volume of information we can analyze
2. How we can analyze this information in comparison with the competition
3. How to use this analysis
4. How to track the changes.  Serpstat has an answer to all these questions and it’s important to use it the right way and take advantage from it.

Igor Gorbenko gave a lecture about Serpstat functions

Vasil Toshkov on: Artificial intelligence in Google’s algorithm!

Vasil Toshkov by tradition gave a very intriguing lecture, in which he explained in detail about the artifcial intelligence in Google’s algorithm.

1. From where Google collects data  – user behaviour, Google Console, Google Analytics and others.
2. How does Google collect this data
3. How does Google analyze it
4. How does  Google  use this data after the analysis
5. Probably the most valuable question in Vasil Toshkov’s lecture is for what purpose Google uses this data.
5.1. In fact the purpose of  Google is automize the ranking process on the basis of this data with the help of artificial intelligencе, which can process all the data and it isn’ t possible to be manipulated.

Vasil Toshkov during his awarding at  Online Advertizing

Tim Soulo on: How AI and Clickstream are changing keyword research

Ahrefs is way more accurate than Keywords Planner

Tim Soulo showed in practice how Ahrefs gives us an opportunity to analyze and check huge data base that is updated in  real time. Of course this is surreal but the instrument has improved its accurateness several times.

Tim Soulo gave a lecture about Ahrefs functions for analysis and check up

1. Links Analysis
2. Book-keeping
3.Why Google Keywords Planner is not accurate
4. In practice Ahrefs gives more accurate results because it doesn’t depend only on PPC {which is the case with  Keywords Planner}

Оgniyan Mladenov on the ideal product page 

Remove everything unnecessary from your product page 

1. To think about the user and what do they want
2. To present a particular product in several different ways on the basis of our target group
3. Simplify your page
4. In fact you can find a good example for such a page on the website about food supplements with collagen –

Ogniyan Mladenov giving his lecture about the ideal product page

The Renaissance of the Technical SEO by Petar Nikolov 

Petar Nikolov showed demonstrativelly why the Renaissance in the technical optimization is evident

1. To track what the designers and the programmers do
2. What common technical mistakes we should look for
3. What can be the damage from these mistakes
4. Why this can lead to the bankrupt of a business
5. Use static websites for small projects

Nikola Minkov awards Petar Nikolov during the conference


Fernando Angulo on International SEO: the most common technical mistakes

Hreflang can lead to  an enormous damage to a website because of a little oversight 

1. Hreflang and how to check whether we use it correctly in SemRush
2. International optimization and hreflang go hand in hand
3. Check for the different mistakes with  hreflang in Semrush
4. Periodical analysis of  Hreflang {you can read more about this topic in our brief of  SMX and  Aleyda Solis‘s lecture}

Nikola Minkov awards Fernando Angulo at the conference Online Advertizing


Кalin Vasilev on: Control of the online reputation or  SEO: Which is more important for your company?

The online reputation is of huge importance for every business 

1. How to deal with a reputation crisis
2. Do we check often enough our reputation online
3. How to repair the damage from a bad reputation
4. The communication with bloggers is really valuable but they cannot be drawn in the project only with a money offer

Kalin Vasilev during his lecture at Online Advertizing


The last panel was the so called “Round table”, on which every lecturer shared a little secret!

The conference participants at the last panel called „Round table“

Unfortunately we won’t be able to share the most interesting things from this panel in public. The good news are that everyone who was present can get an access to this information.

“I want to express my huge respect towards the team of Octopus Events, who were excellent professionalists and very polite to all people. ” – Nikola Minkov, owner of Serpact 



Presentation: How not to lose our  SEO optimization after a migration or a new design?