Useful Ecomm Congress 2017

Ecomm Congress 2017 exceeded all expectations 

Nikola Minkov and Borislav Arapchev at Ecomm Congress

Ecomm Congress 2017 exceeded all expectations and provided all the participants with really valuable knowledge, expert advice by remarkable lecturers in the sphere of digital marketing. The cherry of the cake happened to be the awards which were organized for the first time in such a format.

“I want to thank Lyubomir Stoyanov for inviting me to be the moderator of the event. It was a great pleasure for me to meet and talk with such big professionalists around me and shared knolwedge with each other!” – Nikola Minkov, the owner of Serpact

Boril Bogoev on Price Strategies for online marketers 

Boril Bogoev showed a couple of interesting  A/B tests of the different use of price labels in online stores. 

1. The size of the numbers in discounts is important.
2. The order of the numbers is also important.
3. Meaningless service between two real services can increase our income several times.
4. Create discounts based on specific occasion, not just discounts. For example: Christmas discount, Easter discount. In this way the clients will know that this is a temporary discount and be urged to act because these holidays are not forever.
5. The percent discount is good to be done with round sums, otherwise is difficult for calculation.
6. Free shipping or  2.99 for a shipping? As you can see on the photo below, the second method is the best.

Boril Bogoev giving his lecture about Price strategies for online marketers

Borislav Arapchev on how to sell pharmaceutical products online in USA

Borislav Arapchev showed how Case Study achieved high results only for several years in USA and Kanada

1. You have to be acquainted with the legislation of the given territory on which you plan to sell.
2. Your purpose should be creating long-term brand.
3. You have to be honest with your customers, not fool them.
4. Be helpful  – what, how, why, how much. There should be an answer to all these questions on your website.

Borislav Arapchev at his lecture about the best practices in the selling of pharmaceutical products in USA

Kameliya Gospodinova on the best practices in the selling of pharmaceutical products in Bulgaria 

 Kameliya Gospodinova showed an illustrative example of the best practices in Framar 

1. Framar is the biggest online marketer of pharmaceutical products in Bulgaria.
2. Framar is developing a personal adviser for the users in online format on their website.
3. The team of the online marketers regularly develops new services on their website with which they can help and direct their visitors.
4. You can see what Framar has created on the photo below:

Kameliya Gospodinova giving her lecture about the selling of pharmaceutical products

Petyr Dyaskov on successful  Facebook Remarketing for online marketers

Petyr Dyaskov from Tendrik showed several Case studies, which helped him achieve big results at minimal expense

1. How to do targeting on Facebook
2. Petyr showed several different ways of creating effective campaigns in Facebook after we have done our targetting
3. He showed the expense and outcome of each campaign and therefore the calculation of ROI

Petyr Dyaskov gave a lecture about Facebook Remarketing

Petyr Tsachev from  Metrilo on Retention Marketing

Petyr Tsachev demonstrated visually where the unexpected problems  in the Retention Marketing are hiding 

1. How to use  Retention Marketing
2. How to collect data
3. How to create a client profile
4. We should know how to address every client
5. We should know how to sell without attracting new customers only by following  a couple of steps

Petyr Tsachev giving his lecture about Retention Marketing

Dimityr Dimitrov from  Inbound on Remarketing in Online stores by using  Google AdWords

There is no secret that Dimityr Dimitrov is something like a walking encyclopedia for Google AdWords

1. Explanation of  RLSA
2. Display remarketing
3. We are obliged to express our creativity in the text imprint
4. How to achieve higher CTR, lower price for the click and more conversions/sells

Dimityr Dimitrov explains about AdWords Campaign Remarketing at his lecture.

Dimityr Savov on  Ecommerce Customer Journeys 2017

 Dimityr Savov pointed out what is the most important thing when starting a project

1. Preparation before the start of the business, contained in DMTS
2. How to build Retention Strategy
3. How, when and why to create Branding campaigns
4. Multi-Channel Marketing – how to run it

Dimityr Savov talks about Ecommerce Customer Journeys at his lecture


The awards of  Ecomm Congress 2017 impressed all participants and  most importantly – they were fairly given out!

Lyubomir Stoyanov, who was the organizer of Ecomm Congress 2017, is giving his speach
“The heart and the soul of Ecomm Congress 2017 is Lyubomir Stoyanov who I am really happy about. I admire his energy, his success and everything that he achieves with huge creativity and desire. Serpact’s team will  always help as much as it can, as it have already done it this year. Good luck, Lyubo!” – Nikola Minkov, an owner of  Serpact