Nikola Minkov

Никола Минков - собственик на SEO Агенция Serpact

Nikola Minkov

Founder and CEO of SEO Agency Serpact


Nikola Minkov has international experience in search engine optimization since 2012. His focus is on Technical Optimization, Content Marketing Strategies, Planning and Forecasting Complete SEO Campaigns, Creating Strategies for Managing SERP Results.


• Google Analytics,
• Google AdWords Fundamentals,
• Google Mobile AdWords,
• Google Video AdWords,
• Google Shopping AdWords,
• Google AdWords Display,
• Google AdWords Search,
• Google Digital Garage,
• Bing Ads,
• Inbound Marketing,
• Inbound Sales,
• Inbound Email Marketing,
• DoubleClick Certificate,
• SEO Certified Professional

and many others:

Conferences and Training:

  • Stone Temple (Perficient Digital) Internship Certificate in 2019
  • A two-day internship at one of the largest Digital Marketing agencies around Stone Temple in Boston in March 2018.
  • Successfully completed Master Class in San Jose on SMX 2018 by Eric Enge;
  • Visited SMX in San Jose 2017 and 2018 (the largest digital conference worldwide), is for reference: smxsab15a9 and
  • Attended the Google AMP Conference in Munich on November 8, 2017;
  • Attended Brighton SEO Conference in 2018 and 2019;
  • Participated in Google Dance Zurich 2018;
  • Attended Search Love 2019 in San Diego;
  • Attended PUB Con 2019 in Miami;

Lecturer at Bulgarian Conferences:

  • 2016 by Digital4Plovdiv, lecturer on “OnPage SEO Optimization, Trends 2016”
  • 2017 at OA Conference, Lecturer on “How Do We Not Lose Our SEO Optimization After Migration or New Website Design?”
  • 2017 by Digital Marketing Experts, lecturer on “What is AMP”
  • 2017 by eCommBlitz & Networking, Lecturer on “SEO Comando – Trends in SEO Optimization in 2018”
  • 2018 by Digital4Plovdiv, Lecturer on Technical and Semantic SEO
  • 2018 on OA Live Edition, a lecture on “Featured Snippets {Zero Google}?”
  • 2018 by EcommCongress, lecturer on “Mobile dies, AMP live!”
  • 2018 at OA Conference, lecturer on “SEO – STILL LOVING YOU!”
  • 2019 at TA Conference, lecturer on “How to get into SERP 500 hotels in 1 year”
  • 2019 at eComm Congress, Lecture on “Google Sales Opportunities for Growth through Unknown SERP Results”
  • 2019 at SEMrush & Serpact Meetup, Lecturer: “You have great content but Google doesn’t recognize it?”
  • 2019 Webit Festival Lecturer: “How we reduced the number of indexed categories by 50% after analyzing Internal Links and achieved a 385% increase in conversions”

Lecturer at International Conferences:

2018 on the podcast (Australia) “The Recipe for SEO Success”, lecturer on “Practical Schema implementation: Q + A with Nikola Minkov” – https: //
2018 at SemRush webinar, lecturer on “SEO Audit / SEO Surgery India 2.8” –
2018 at MBsummit in Milan (Italy), lecturer on “How to get more than 25K registration per month for a startup in affiliate sports betting niche” – https: //
2019 at Affiliate Con Sofia 2019 in Sofia (Bulgaria), lecturer on “Successfully SERP optimization for Featured Snippets” – https: //

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