Terms and Conditions of Serpact ™

Serpact™ Website Terms and Conditions

1. All Serpact content is free and accessible to any visitor as follows:
1.1. Text files such as:
1.1.1. .docx {Microsoft Open Word XML Document}
1.1.2. .doc {Microsoft Word Document}
1.1.3. .txt {Plain Text File}
1.1.4. .rtf {Revit Family Template File}
1.1.5. .odt {OpenOffice / StarOffice File}
1.2. Audio files such as:
1.2.1. .mp3 {MP3 Audio File}
1.2.2. .wav {Wave Audio File}
1.2.3. .aac {MPEG-2 Advanced Audio Coding File}
1.2.4. .wma {Windows Media Audio File}
1.2.5. .m4a {MPEG-4 Audio File}
1.3. Video files such as:
1.3.1. .avi {Audio Video Interleave File}
1.3.2. .mp4 {MPEG-4 Video File}
1.3.3. .mov {Video Clip}
1.3.4. .flv {Video File}
1.3.5. .mpg {MPEG 1 System Stream}
1.4. Data files such as:
1.4.1. .pdf {Portable Document Format File}
1.4.2. .xls {Excel Spreadsheet File}
1.4.3. .csv {Comma Separated Values ​​File}
1.4.4. .ini {Initialization / Configuration File}
1.4.5. .html {Hypertext Markup Language File}
1.5. Compressed files such as:
1.5.1. .zip {ZIP File}
1.5.2..rar {WinRAR Compressed Archive}
1.5.3..7z {File}
1.5.4..tar {Consolidated Unix File Archive}
1.5.5..gz {GNU Zipped Archive File}
1.6. Photos and graphics such as:
1.6.1. BMP {Bitmap}
1.6.2. ECW
1.6.3. GIF {Graphic Interchange Format}
1.6.4. ICO
1.6.5. ILBM
1.6.6. JPEG {Joint Photographic Experts Group}
1.6.7. JPEG 2000
1.6.8. MrSID
1.6.9. PCX
1.6.10. PNG {Portable Network Graphics}
1.6.11. PSD
1.6.12. TGA
1.6.13. TIFF {Tagget Image File Format}
1.6.14. AI {Adobe Illustrator graphics}
6/1/15 CDR {CorelDraw vector graphics}
1.6.16. SVG {Scalable vector graphics}
6/1/17 WMF {Windows Metafile format}
1.6.18. DRW {Vector drawing file}
6/1/19 DWG {AutoCAD Drawing Database File}
1.6.20. EPS {Encapsulated Post Script}
1.7. Serpact EOOD does not allow any changes, distribution, reproduction, distribution, direct transmission, display, presentation, reproduction, publication, authorization or sale of information owned by Serpact} {Serpact} .

2. All content described in point 1 {one} is the property of Serpact Ltd. {Serpact} ! Serpact Ltd. prohibits the copying, transmission, distribution and storage of part or all of the content, regardless of its form, as described in point 1 {one} without the prior written consent of Serpact {Serpact}.
2.1. In the event of a breach of this rule, the owners of the websites {described in clause 9 (nine)} of Serpact, Serpact EOOD will claim their rights in an appropriate administrative and legal manner, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2.2. Serpact Ltd. allows the citation of a part of the content, regardless of the type described in point 1 {one}, and the source with an active hyperlink {link or also known as a link} must be indicated.
2.3. Serpact Ltd. {Serpact} expressly prohibits the use of content citations in publications, pages, social networks and publicly available information that are intended to damage, tarnish or impair the reputation, prestige and goodwill of Serpact Ltd. {Serpact}!
2.4. If you have any claims on the Serpact Websites {described in point 9 (nine)}; or something you do not like, you may send your objections, criticism or opinion to the email address of Serpact Ltd. info [at] serpact.com.
2.5. For a dispute that cannot be resolved with the websites {described in point 9 (nine)} or its owner, Serpact Ltd. {Serpact}, you may use the site OPC .
2.6. All products and services on the websites {described in point 9 (nine)} of Serpact Ltd. {Serpact} are subject to update and change.
2.7. Information on the websites {described in point 9 (nine)} of Serpact Ltd. {Serpact} may be changed at any time, and the changes may not necessarily be announced on the page.

3. Serpact Ltd.  assumes no responsibility for the content in the comments under the posts, pages or any type of content described in point 1 {one}.
3.1. Content in the comments is the property of its authors.
3.2. In the event of attacks, abuse, damage, tarnishing or damage to the reputation, prestige and reputation of other businesses and companies, please contact us via the email address of Serpact Ltd. info [at] serpact.com for assistance.

4. The Serpact {Serpact} team does not guarantee that the pages, publications and comments are free of spelling and punctuation and that access to them will always be uninterrupted.
4.1. Serpact Ltd. {Serpact} reserves the right to edit pages, publications and any