SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis of your website is very important if you want to learn about its actual condition. The Analysis is divided into several processes, the main from which are the structural information, the speed, On-Page condition, Off-Page condition, design, usability (how easy it is to use it), internal links, classification of keywords and incoming links to your website. We made an analysis of every such link.

Speed is important!

You can trace the images, what kind of speed your website should have for a mobile version and this depends on several factors:

seo_analiz_box You give a priority to the visible content.
seo_analiz_box You avoid redirection from the objective pages.
seo_analiz_box Minimize the HTML code of the page.
seo_analiz_box Minimize the JavaScript code of the page.
seo_analiz_box Minimize the server ’s time of reaction.
seo_analiz_box Optimize the size of the images.
seo_analiz_box Minimize the CSS code of the website.
seo_analiz_box Remove the blocking Java Script and CSS.
seo_analiz_box Take advantage of the browser’s cashing.
seo_analiz_box Activate the website’s compressing.

Usablity – easy to navigate website!

You should know that it is important for your website to be easy to use and even a user without much experience to be able to find this that they search for::

seo_analiz_box Avoid the cues that hide the content.
seo_analiz_box Avoidance of the appliances for browsers.
seo_analiz_box Use legible font sizes.
seo_analiz_box Configuration of responsive or mobile design.
seo_analiz_box Test window’s frames.
seo_analiz_box Analyze the objective zones for touch.
seo_analiz_box Think about call to action buttons.
seo_analiz_box Edit the zones that are close or lap over.
seo_analiz_box Edit the zones that are close or lap over.
seo_analiz_box Test under all devices or browsers.

Complete marking of the website according to the standart of Google -!

You can trace how your website should look in the current moment, as the marking accordingly to of Google is an exceptionally important factor for your website so that it can be read correctly from Google and to improve its chances for ranking.

The main markings of one page should contain:

seo_analiz_box WebPage - describes the page’s links
seo_analiz_box Organization –describes the firm
seo_analiz_box WpHeader –describes the hat of your website
seo_analiz_box LocalBusiness –marks the website as a local business
seo_analiz_box Civic Structure – working hours
seo_analiz_box WebSite –describes the whole website
seo_analiz_box WpFooter –describes the bottom part of the website
seo_analiz_box SiteNavigationElement –describes the navigation
seo_analiz_box Breadcrumps –describes the paths in the website
seo_analiz_box Product –describes the products
seo_analiz_box Aggregate Rating –describes the rating (the stars)
seo_analiz_box Article – describes the publications

Combined analysis of the website - On-Page plus Off-Page!

It is important for a website to be correctly analyzed in relation to On-Page plus Off-Page so that a correct picture of its actual condition is created .The data from these parameters is used subsequently as necessary corrections for every website.

The main On-Page and Off-Page analyses should contain:

seo_analiz_box The incoming and outgoing links.
seo_analiz_box The internal links and the content.
seo_analiz_box Review of H1,H2,H3 tags and the titles.
seo_analiz_box Research of the meta descriptions and Robots.txt.
seo_analiz_box Meta robots tag and HTTP status code.
seo_analiz_box XML Sitemap and RSS feed
seo_analiz_box www. / non-www. and Error 404 page.
seo_analiz_box URL addresses and rel=canonical
seo_analiz_box SEO ranking and Broken links
seo_analiz_box Images– titles, descriptions and alt tags
seo_analiz_box Buttons for sharing and Social engagement.
seo_analiz_box Trust and authority – Domain Authority.

seo_analiz_box You can download a detailed model account in order to get an idea how your SEO analysis would look like. Just choose the button with a PDF text and view it. If you like it, you can ask for a SEO analysis.