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Individual approach to each client makes us different and prepared for every project. SEO agency Serpact™ offers you just that.

We work with a set number of clients that we do not exceed. We work entirely for you, are certified, have experience in different markets in the most challenging niches, and achieve results!

Learn about our various SEO packages and choose the right one for you.

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SEO optimization

What is SEO Optimization

Individual approach to each client – this is what makes us different and prepared for every project.

SEO agency Serpact ™ offers you just that. We have a set number of clients that we work with and do not exceed. We work entirely for you, we are certified, we have experience in different markets in the most difficult niches and achieve results!

Learn about our different SEO packages and choose the right one for you.

SEO optimization process4 main parts

SEO Part I – On-Page (On-Site) Аnalysis

A necessary practice for every client of SEO Аgency Serpact included in all three SEO optimization packages is the so-called On-Page (On-Site) Analysis, without which it is impossible to monitor the current condition of the website.

All listed subpoints will be checked, analyzed and corrected within the first/second month of the optimization process.

Analysis of the website’s indexing and main On-Page omissions:

  • Pages with status 4xx
  • Pages with status 5xx
  • 404 page
  • Robots.txt file
  • Configuration of XML Sitemap
  • Sitemap HTML
  • RSS/Feed
  • Redirects (301,302,307 и 308)
  • Status of www and non-www versions of the website
  • Warnings for HTTP/HTTPS website versions
  • List of pages with 302 redirect
  • List of pages with 301 redirect
  • Pages with more than one redirect
    (long redirect chains)
  • Pages with meta refresh
  • Pages with rel=”canonical” tag
  • Broken internal links
  • Excessive number of links
  • Dofollow outbound links
  • Internal website link juice
  • HTML and CSS checkup of the code and validation with validators
  • Pages with several canonical URLs
  • Pages with Frames
  • Checkup of really big pages
  • Checkup of SEO Friendly URL addresses in the website and their eventual rewriting
  • Dynamic URLs
  • Really long URLs
  • Photos analysis
  • Broken photos
  • Missing alt text of photos
  • Missing Тitle Тags
  • Dublicated titles
  • Really long titles
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Dublicated meta descriptions
  • Really long meta descriptions
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, B and A tags

Complete Markup Test:

  • Article
  • Breadcrumb
  • Book
  • Course
  • Event
  • FAQ
  • How-to
  • Job Posting
  • Local Business
  • Logo
  • Product
  • Q&A
  • Recipe
  • Review snippet
  • Sitelinks search box
  • Speakable
  • Video

Website loading speed (Google Page Speed Test)

TTFB (time to first byte) analysis
Core Web Vitals analysis

Website’s webpage analysis (Mobile Friendly Test):

Think with Google test
Manual website checkup for UX
Google Analytics Configuration checkup
Сonnection with Google Analytics and Google Console

SEO Part II – Creation of Content Marketing Strategy

Necessary practices for every client of SEO Аgency Serpact that are included in all three SEO optimization packages.

Website’s webpage analysis (Mobile Friendly Test):

  • Мonthly queries
  • Difficulty in ranking
  • Potential in a commercial aspect
  • Potential traffic
  • The number of competition’s Google pages
  • Word relevancy

Grouping according to specific criteria/location

  • Color
  • Мaterial
  • Common words
  • User expectations
  • Topic and others
  • Semantic phrases and questions

Competition level in relation to Google

  • Local Pack
  • Google AdWords
  • Rich Cards
  • Top Stories
  • Features Snippets

Competition research:

  • List of keywords whose web positions are lower than those of the main competition
  • Full comparison of the positions and visibility to those of the competition
  • List of missed important keywords to the website

Тop competitors’ pages and keywords that cover their parameters:

  • Тоp pages with inbound links
  • Top pages with social signals, likes, shares, comments and others
  • Тop pages with organic traffic
  • General top pages – these that generate the whole traffic
  • Pages with low ranking and low traffic levels from Google
  • Pages with a small number of inbound links but with a high level of organic traffic

List of the project’s ranked words focused on specific parameters:

Based on words from Google Search Console
Current position
Ranked page
Conversions based on a page

Content audit:

  • URL
  • Title
  • Title length
  • Мeta description
  • Мeta description length
  • H1 & H2 subtitles
  • Content size
  • Social signals
  • Unique visitors
  • Time spent on the page
  • Main keyword
  • Related keywords with the main word
  • Position
  • Number of queries
  • Page Authority
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Оrganic traffic
Сreation of Content Marketing matrix – profile of the perfect clients and building of a content funnel.
Creation of a Content Marketing Strategy Plan based on the collected information from all the abovementioned points

SEO Part III – Creation of a Link File that includes a list of planned links and a Link Report with the current website’s links

The process of building quality links and business citations is the third main process on which we work in Serpact.

The creation of a link file is done slowly and passes a series of checkups, some of which we will mention here. The different SEO packages offer different workloads on the Link profile of every website.

Let’s look at some of these checkups:

  • Analysis of the website’s link profile
  • Research of the bad links to the website and their implementation in the Google Disavow Tool
  • Creation of a Link Profile based on the analysis of the abovementioned subpoints
  • Analysis of the competition’s Link profile
  • Аnalysis of the online business citations
  • Creation of a Link File to which we add a plan that includes where, when and how to get links based on all previous analyses
  • Сreation of a full list of necessary registration of the website in mass and authoritative websites
  • Google Plus profile and Google My Local Business pages
  • Social media integration – automatic and manual
  • Сreation of cross-links
  • Improvement of inbound and outbound links to your site
  • Social Bookmarking

SEO Part IV – Full Transparency and full control of the project

All the abovementioned methods of On-Page (On-Site), Link File plus Link File, and Content Marketing Strategy are performed during the start-up and the SEO optimization period. Every client should know that we constantly monitor every subpoint of the services we have mentioned.

We don’t give you a specific deadline or guarantee you high rankings because that’s not serious and professional. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will work on your project with all the energy and skills we have.

Here are some of the things we monitor:

  • UX (User experience) – improvement, testing, control and ideas based on the tendency
  • Website usability
  • Monitoring of all On-Page (On-Site) parameters and their correction, if necessary
  • Моnitoring of the website’s Link profile – internal, outbound, inbound links
  • Мonitoring on server level
  • Мonitoring of 404 mistakes
  • Моnitoring of the website’s bad links
  • Моnitoring of the website’s bad links

Each month, the client receives an SEO report about the work we completed, so they know how their budget is used.

Do you have questions? See more on our blog or give us a call.

Each problem will be accompanied by one or several most appropriate solutions and guidelines for their implementation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You should choose Serpact because our work is completely transparent, and we hide nothing from you. We approach each client individually and work only on website issues that truly need improvement.

    We have almost 20 years of experience in search engine optimization on an international level, and we are dedicated to long-term work to achieve actual results.
    We are the first and only Bulgarian SEO agency to have won the European Search Awards and presented at a Google event in Zurich. We are also certified by the largest SEO company in the world – Stone Temple (currently Perficient Digital).

  • Yes, we often need to collaborate with web developers, marketing experts, managers and other team members to ensure we have the same vision and move forward together.

  • We send you monthly reports with detailed information about your website’s current visibility in search engines.

  • Our team works on several levels – technical SEO, content strategy and website promotion. Many things are done manually, and we only use software tools as a starting point.

  • Typically, the first results become visible in the first six months. However, this depends on the particular niche of your business and its dynamics. In some cases, seeing the results can take much longer.

What’s Next?

If you still have questions, please contact us to discuss your inquiry.


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