Video SEO

Video has the ability to convey content quickly, easily, and in an intriguing format. In just a few seconds, our attention is fully engaged with what is happening on the screen.

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Video SEO

Video SEO – optimizing the most convenient content found online!

Video has become an integral part of businesses’ vision. A lot of us, as consumers, prefer video content over text. It’s no surprise that successful companies devote energy and time to boost their video presence! Videos help them grow their brands, create an emotional connection with their followers and increase their sales opportunities. 

Video as a tool

Video can deliver content quickly, efficiently, and in an engaging format. Just a few seconds and our attention focuses on what’s happening on screen.

Customers have the opportunity to see a product, create its visual representation more clearly, and thus facilitate their purchasing decision. Plus, audiences will get to know the people behind a business. They will also develop emotions towards the brand and tie those to the purchase decision process.

The curiosity about video content also leads to a much lower bounce rate!

A business could use a few videos to create its virtual image, introduce its product and make friends with its audience.

In psychology, video content combines two types of informational encoding – visual encoding (the picture) and audio encoding (the audio).

Why is this important? In cognitive psychology, how we receive information is of particular importance. According to the type of information, it encodes in our memory differently. The data’s format will determine the memorization and the length of time it is retained.

Or in other words, a customer can memorize only a specific percentage of the content he reads in an article. Similarly, when they listen to a podcast, they can memorize only a specific amount of audio information.

However, when we combine the information from the article, visualize elements of focus, and use sound – the user gets the entire experience that statistically enables them to retain more information.

In summary – articles are a great tool that we can’t do without, but a video gives the user something more. It makes it easier and saves their time. Articles and videos can provide the audience with everything they need as an information stream.

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use the video as a tool!

Why is it essential to optimize your video content?

More and more businesses are betting on their video presence. Which in turn means that the competition is rising by the hour. According to statistics from YouTube, people were uploading over 720,000 hours of video per day in 2021. Daily. Every day.

Those bulks of information put businesses in a situation where, in addition to creating the best video possible, they had to do something more to give their video a chance, reach the right people and thus expand their distribution opportunities.

What can we do to optimize our videos online?

  • Video SEO Titles – Create titles for your video (depending on the distribution platform). An opportunity for a more precise answer lies in the video’s title. One of the first elements to give your video some markup is the sentence you’d title it. Proper titling will help search engines find your video faster.
  • Video SEO Descriptions – We create proper descriptions (depending on the distribution platform). Having a text summary helps users and algorithms determine the content of your video. Descriptions include adding video chapters when possible.
  • Video SEO Tags – Select and add tags (depending on the broadcasting platform). Tags are an integral part of every video SEO. Getting them right helps the search engine shorten the path between the user’s search and the product you’re offering. We could call these tags “keywords in the video.
  • Video SEO Thumbnails – We create appropriate cover art for our videos (depending on the distribution platform) – In the video industry, a book is judged by its covers, so every video must intrigue the user with just a glance over its cover image.

  • Video SEO KWRNiche and Keyword Research – Strategically, it is crucial to understand the strength of the business and direct our focus there. The first step in this direction is to perform a keyword analysis.
  • Video Content Strategy – Create a video content strategy – we create a step-by-step strategy based on our previously collected data in order to meet your business needs and prepare for the platform your video will run on.
  • Chapters Video schema markup – Adding markup in the case of videos hosted on your website – if your strategy involves hosting video content on your website, there are necessary markup tags we can place in your source code. Their role is significant in indexing this content as a video and targeting the right audience.
  • Social Media Promotion Strategy – We create a social media distribution plan to help your marketing department with the video optimization processes – algorithms work differently for different platforms. All platforms have one goal – to bring more traffic to themselves.

To what extent is Video SEO a complex task?

Let’s take YouTube as an example. Your content uploaded there should be prepared for Youtube users, for your users, for algorithms, and for indexing. And this will only help the performance of your video. The platform wants more and more users who visit it, which means that you have to work for the platform if you want the platform to work for your video.

Video SEO is a complex combination of procedures and methods designed to give you a chance to rank better on Google and YouTube. SEO, from a video perspective, refers to video optimization on several levels – quality, content, and user value.

To the question: Which of these procedures and methods is most important? – We will answer – the content of the video! It should give answers to questions.

Although similar to an article that requires some styling preparation before publishing, a video needs its fair share of preparation before publishing in the infinite universe of online search engines. That will give your valuable and good content a maximum chance of reaching the right audience.

Google, Youtube, Bing, Vimeo, and many others have a special policy that ensures the importance of various content-optimization factors can shift at any time. They’re famous for their frequent updates. The know-how and the best practices are the reason why you should trust an expert when you want to optimize your video content.

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Each problem will be accompanied by one or several most appropriate solutions and guidelines for their implementation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Video SEO combines techniques and practices designed to improve your videos’ visibility and ranking in search engines

  • Video is one of the most used forms of content after text. Millions of videos are shared globally every day. Video SEO helps appropriately target a specific group of users – your ideal customers.

  • The video SEO process requires analysis, planning, technical assignments, and proper distribution of a piece of content. Each of these processes requires specific conditions to be met for optimization to be successful.

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and in case a business uses the platform for its video products, optimizing them is highly recommended.

  • Optimization and proper markup of videos on a website are part of its optimization. They are essential for search engines to understand better what a video contains and who it would be helpful for.

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