Video Marketing and Video SEO

Is your YouTube channel not getting the results you were hoping for?

Creating interesting videos is just the beginning. Without the proper optimization strategies, your videos will remain buried in the depths of the search results. 

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Video Marketing and Video SEO

We understand your struggles.

Planning, producing, and optimizing video content can be expensive and time-consuming. When the invested resources do not bring the expected results to the business, the easiest solution is to give up.

However, the intelligent way to proceed is by improving your approach in order to reach and surpass your goals.

Here are some of the most common stumbling blocks faced by businesses that decide to capture the attention of their users online with video content:

Low Visibility: Many quality videos struggle to reach their target audience because they are hidden behind the second page of search results.

Lack of Engagement: It’s frustrating when you invest time and resources into creating great content only to see that it doesn’t get likes, shares, and comments.

Missed Conversions: What’s the point of attracting viewers if they don’t become actual customers or subscribers to your business?

It’s time to build the right video marketing strategy with Serpact!

We turn your video content challenges into success and unleash the potential of your brand on social media and global video platforms.

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Why Choose Our Video SEO & Marketing Services?

The difference between creating a YouTube video and monetizing it is simple, and it’s called strategy.

Like all other types of marketing and advertising, video content marketing must be based on data and informed decisions.

This could be one of your best solutions in regard to the following:

Increased visibility

We build working strategies to ensure that your videos reach the right audience. We will grow your online presence with quality content that meets the market’s needs.

Higher ranking

We’ll analyze your keywords and your competition and optimize your content to get your videos to the top of the search results. That’s how we’re going to increase views, engagement, and organic traffic dramatically.

Increase Conversions

Optimizing your videos doesn’t just help you get more views. The video marketing strategy turns viewers into loyal customers. Our video SEO tactics are geared towards achieving this goal. 

Personalized solutions 

Every video is unique, and we understand that. Our team of experts creates customized video marketing and SEO strategies tailored to your specific goals, industry, and target audience.

What does our video marketing strategy include?

Whether you’re planning a value-added video shoot, a series of promotional videos for your product catalog, or a video campaign on social media, we’ll make sure your approach is unified and strategically thought out.

To improve the results, we go through a few key steps:

Keyword research and selection

We analyze and determine the most relevant keywords for your videos. We tailor them to your business goals, audience, and competitors. This strategic approach to SEO in video strategy is at the core of our success.

Competition Analysis

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in business. We carefully analyze your competitors to identify not only opportunities for improvement and growth but also strategies for leadership in your niche.

Creating a video marketing strategy

We build a comprehensive video marketing strategy to help you grow your brand. It will contain all the guidelines on creating videos useful to your audience so that you can engage more followers and customers.

Content optimization

We optimize every piece of your video content to increase its visibility and appeal. This includes titles, topics covered, descriptions, tags, subtitles, and an overall message and video concept.

Monthly reports

Transparency has a key significance to us. You’ll receive detailed monthly reports that track the progress of your video content. Our reports provide valuable data so you can see real results in real-time.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll show you how the right strategy
can be the engine of your business success.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Video SEO combines techniques and practices designed to improve your videos’ visibility and ranking in search engines

  • Video is one of the most used forms of content after text. Millions of videos are shared globally every day. Video SEO helps appropriately target a specific group of users – your ideal customers.

  • The video SEO process requires analysis, planning, technical assignments, and proper distribution of a piece of content. Each of these processes requires specific conditions to be met for optimization to be successful.

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and in case a business uses the platform for its video products, optimizing them is highly recommended.

  • Optimization and proper markup of videos on a website are part of its optimization. They are essential for search engines to understand better what a video contains and who it would be helpful for.

How do I contact you if I need video SEO?

To get in touch with us, use our contact form.


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