What is Content Analysis ?

Content is the engine of any successful SEO strategy. Nowadays, SEO optimization relies more than ever on it for better visibility and efficiency of organic traffic for the business. With the development of search engine algorithms, simply targeting a phrase through repeatability is not enough.

Content Analysis

Why Do You Need


The reasons for content analysis might be different, because your business is unique in itself.
However, our practice has enabled us to summarize the following common situations where content analysis is necessary:

  • A website with good search engine visibility, good positions on its main keywords, but almost no conversions.
  • A website with poor search engine visibility, poor coverage of its key keywords, despite the long-term efforts of SEO professionals who worked on it before. In this case, conversions on his organic traffic pages are zero.
  • A website with an average search engine visibility and positioning of its primary keywords. Organic traffic conversions are taking place but are not in a satisfactory range.
  • A website without a properly designed marketing funnel.
  • Website lacks quality content.
  • Website with content produced without prior research.

Problems that Content Analysis solves

анализ на съдържанието икона

In many cases, customers come to us with a website already created and content created.

Problem situations are different:

We rank well but have no inquiries / sales
We do not rank well, we do not have traffic, and we do not have inquiries and sales.


If the initial technical analysis of your website is good, then the next logical step is to analyze its content. Our experience at Serpact has proven to us many times that quality content almost leaves no questions for the reader, in this case your potential client. So without much thought, it performs the action embedded in your marketing funnel – micro or macro conversion. However, if this does not happen, there are always reasons.

How many stages did the Content Analysis of the website go through?

  • Analysis of the structure and architecture of the site

    The importance of the structure of your site for Google has been actively discussed over the last few years. Our experience has repeatedly shown us that this is indeed the case.

    At this point, we will create a site map of the current structure of your website and analyze it. In almost every case, this structure needs to be modified here to improve the quality of your website and to show you as better experts in your niche.

    Changes in many cases involve removing pages, moving them from one part of the site to another, or creating new pages that of course involve new services or services. The latter will definitely be discussed with you – as a suggestion on our part, after designing the semantic core suitable for your site.


  • Keyword targeting analysis

    In this step, we will see if you correctly place and prioritize your key phrases from the semantic kernel on the pages of the site. We will check for natural saturation, for too much repetition. We will also monitor the relevance of your page and site to the phrase you are targeting, not only as a reference but also by topic.

    We will also check whether you are missing out on your semantic core or your competitors, making them more successful than you at any given time.


  • Semantic Analysis

    Over the last 2 years, Google has been reorienting itself more and more towards the Semantic Web and the semantic evaluation of websites for the sake of higher ranking. This also makes it inevitable to cover some of the important semantic requirements on your website. This stage includes an analysis to cover:

    • • Related keywords
      • Suggested keywords
      • TF-IDF
      • Semantic distance and closeness between keyword concepts
      • Co-occurrence
    • • Phrase-based indexation
      • Working with Vector Space Model
      • Entities
      • Search Query Intent
      • Topical Relevance


  • Analyze the performance of your content

    This is the last and most important step for any business, namely, does content fulfill its ultimate goal – to sell! At this stage we will look at:

    • • How the audience responds to your content
      • Whether it is the right audience for it
      • What are your metrics on social networks
      • What is the sentiment of the audience
      • Does it sell your content directly or is it ancillary to selling a product or service?
    • • Do users return to the pages of your site or in other words – do they re-visit it?
      • How long do your visitors spend on your site pages?
      • Does your content attract links naturally?


What will you get at the end of the analysis?

A detailed chart document on the effectiveness and quality of your current content strategy across the pages of your site.
We will present the results to you.
We will offer tactics for improving or developing an entirely new strategy, tailored to your business needs and requirements.