Serpact Alliance: SEO and Digital Marketing for Startups

If your business is in a financing stage by Venture Capitalists or other types of investors, you can put your trust in our newest solution, Serpact Alliance, and get your startup off to a flying start.

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Serpact Alliance: SEO and Digital Marketing for Startups

If your business is in the phase of investment, you can trust the latest Serpact Alliance solution

What do I need to know when choosing an agency for such a responsible task for me and my investors?

What are the pros and cons of the two options before me?

The diagram below lucidly shows Serpact Alliance’s advantages.

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Serpact Alliance offers a few main advantages:

We undertake all business research.
We perform a complete Data Driven analysis through a developed AI process.
We take full responsibility – something that we’ve been doing for the last seven years with over 2000 projects.
You communicate only with us and avoid the risk of missing important information along the way.

Why did you develop this work model?

Because we share your project with recognized experts in the field of digital marketing. We have worked on at least five different projects and implemented dozens of successful assignments with each of those experts.

Do you have experience with Startup businesses after funding?

Yes, we do. You can see some of our clients throughout the last five years with whom we’ve completed projects using this work model.

You’re good at SEO, but what about the rest?

The international authority we built in recent years helped us create contact groups and partner networks with whom we successfully work today.

How fast does it happen?

We perform detailed and comprehensive research for our clients before we estimate (evaluate) the project. If we approve your project to be a part of the Serpact Alliance, prepare to participate in a few meetings with us.

What is the next step?

Schedule an appointment for a consultation:

  • Package 1: Consultation by the company’s CEO Nikola Minkov / price: 250 EUR per hour
  • Package 2: Consultation by the company’s CEO Nikola Minkov and an external Performance Marketing expert who’s part of the Serpact Alliance / price: 500 EUR per hour

Често задавани въпроси

  • За малки, средни и големи бизнеси, както и всички собственици на уебсайтове, които имат SEO проблеми като спад на трафик, видимост в Google или позиции по кл. Фрази.

  • Ръчно и с помощта на инструменти. В Серпакт никога не се доверяваме само на софтуерни инструменти, а голяма част от анализа осъществяваме ръчно.

  • Цената на час за консултация при нас е между 50 лв. и 100 лв. в зависимост от избрания департамент и тип консултация. Тази часова ставка не включва разходи за транспорт и настаняване, ако се налагат подобни разходи.

  • Не е желателно да се пропуска, защото е възможно по уебсайта да има фундаментални проблеми, които пречат на Google да “вижда” правилно съдържанието ви или изобщо да го достъпва. Освен това, възможно е да има и проблеми с потребителско преживяване или популярността на сайта.

Какво следва след SEO Анализа?

По Ваше желание можем да изготвим документ-задание за начините на разрешаване на проблемите, които сме открили по Вашия уебсайт, или да Ви изготвим оферта за съвместна работа с нас за отстраняването им.

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