What is Content Marketing?

The content on the web today is all! The successful SEO strategy is based to a large extent on on the well-established content marketing strategy. Search engine algorithms increasingly focus on the consumer’s search behavior, the ability to “predict” what the user is exactly looking for in a given phrase, and the correct estimate of the  the content’s relevance on your site’s pages.

Content Marketing

Why it is needed


Because content marketing strategy is the exact thing that can help us clearly define the situations in which your online business is , with what content features the audience can be targeted, what are the right formats expected by this audience (or Google, respecitvely) as well as how your business website’s informational architecture of should be formed.

In particular, there are three main reasons why companies use online content marketing:
• Increased sales
• Reduced costs
• Better customers who have greater loyalty



Content on the web today is everything!

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistently published content for attracting and retaining a clearly defined audience and generating sales realizations, subscriptions, requests and other.

  • In short, the content marketing strategy is part of your marketing plan and development, which covers the management of almost any online publication you create and distribute – text, audio, visual, interactive, and more.

    You may have heard how important it is to create content, but without having a well-planned goal, it loses its meaning. When we at Serpact develop a content strategy, there are a few key things we always keep in mind:

  • • We make a thorough research of the niche keywords and phrases – from focused keywords to such with an interconnected meaning and more basic phrases.
    • Who is our content designed for, who is our audience?
    • The audience’s problem we are going to solve with the help of this content
    • What the content’s unique feature will be?
    • What formats we are going to use?
    • Where the content will be published in the overall structure of the website?
    • The channels where it will be promoted?
    • How will the results are measured?


Unlike most companies, those with well-established content marketing strategy are recognizable and appreciated highly by their audience. Why? Because the quality strategy makes your audience remember you and come back to the pages of your website, and creates a sense of loyalty.

Many companies today produce content in different forms – on the pages of their sites, through emails, through social networks. But the difference between them and those with a well-built strategy that includes relevant, useful and quality content lies mainly in the better conversion rate, better established brand name and their customers’ loyalty.


  • 1. Searching and analyzing keywords – creating a semantic entitya. We’ll look at what keywords you are currently ranking for if you already have a website.
    b. We will generate new words based on a detailed search of your niche online.
    c. We will match these words with your services and products.
    d. We will do a special semantic analysis of the keywords and we will complement the main focus words with related words, more generic phrases, essentials, entities, co-occurrence phrases and co-citations.
    e. We will group the words according to certain classifiers – color, volume, shape, dimensions, seasonality, periodicity and many others.
  • 2. Keyword Mapping & Content Plan Document
    Based on the created keyword document, we will build an informational architecture for your website and link the semantic entity and its sub-nucleuses to the most accurate pages, or we will give advice about the creation of such pages. We will offer the best formats, explain when and by what frequency the content should be created, by whom, what titles, descriptions, action calls, main topics, and subtopics accompanied by keywords it should include, also promotion channels, audience segments, at what part of the client’s path on your page the content is placed, what kind of a set goal meets, what are the metrics of every piece of content.
  • 3. Content Marketing Strategy document
    A document that gives a clear idea of ​​the online business situation in which your company is, who is our ideal buyer persona, what are the characteristics of the brand and how they will be implemented in the created content, what will be the client / customer’s path journey map /, what problems your audience has, what goals will be set, and what are the most suitable content formats for their implementation (the so called content matrix creation).
  • 4. Competition research
    What content your competition has, what keywords targets, how optimizes its content, what informational architecture it has created, how it draws links and and what types of links, how it imposes its brand, and what channels uses to promote it.