What is copywriting?

This is a service that, after analyzing content and building a complete Content Marketing strategy, implements the plan.

Plagiarism, grammar and punctuation content are analyzed. A plan is made for the realization of the construction of phrases, synonyms, homonyms, co-occurrence phrases in terms of their coherence and ratio in verticals and horizontals.

Content Analysis

Copywriting vs Content marketing

What is the difference?

Quite often, the term “copywriting” is used incorrectly instead of “content writer” or content creator. The significant difference here is that the former creates content that sells, induces the user to perform an action or imposes a brand, while the latter creates a different type of content that is primarily intended to inform the consumer. The content creator does not always create content for the web or for specific purposes. He could be a scientist, author of books and articles, poet, writer, analyst, etc.

The main distinguishing feature of a copywriter here is that it is he who creates the texts for online presence in a different form.

SERPACT Copywriting Services


The Serpact team has copywriters with a rich linguistic culture, professional experience and diverse interests. We create and create texts in a variety of business niches – from the tourism business to sophisticated scientific and technical texts.

Our copywriting services are included in the content marketing services and content analysis of the website. They are an integral part of them and the fundamental implementation of the strategies created during the analysis and study of the current content of a website, as well as the keywords and phrases that form the semantic core of this site.

Creating content for the user and Google has certain requirements that our team fully meets, namely:

• High knowledge and qualifications for creating quality text
• Knowledge of semantic and machine comprehension of search engine texts
• Experience in creating texts to attract and retain customer attention on site pages, not just search engines.
• Skills for creating 100% unique text
• Skills for detecting and filtering quality and reliable sources of information across all business industries.

Stages of service delivery

  • Analysis of the current content of the websiteIf you already have one or directly create a content strategy, then talk to you or a representative of your business.
  • Determining the frequency of text creation, periodicity, length of texts, and pricing based on them.
  • Drafting of texts

    Over the last 2 years, Google has been reorienting itself more and more towards the Semantic Web and the semantic evaluation of websites for the sake of higher ranking. This also makes it inevitable to cover some of the important semantic requirements on your website. This stage includes an analysis to cover:
    a. Competition Analysis
    b. An analysis of user expectations from Google pages
    c. Drawing up a plan for preparing each text by topic.
    d. Content preparation
    e. Semantic analysis and refinement
    i. Phrase Relevance Analysis and Semantic Relation
    ii. Semantic closeness and distance of key phrases
    iii. Vector Space Model Based Phrases Research and Implementation
    iv. Phrase-Based Indexing Analysis
    v. Entities
    vii. Co-Occurence
    viii. Co-Citation
    f. Website publishing and on-page content optimization
    g. Promotion

Content promotion

One of the most common mistakes made after content creation by most webmasters and business owners is the lack of a promotion plan. Search engines evaluate and reward extremely high-performing businesses with good online promotion. Last but not least, the promotion of the right channels also attracts natural links to your site – Google’s favorite high-ranking signal.

We at Serpact thought about this step as well.

We will provide you with a plan broken down by channels and a preliminary survey that will include information on where we will promote your content, why it should be disseminated on those channels, how effective it will be for your business and brand over time.
We will discuss with you any channel we choose, as well as the resources that should be invested in it. If you want a channel or media to be replaced, we will consider an alternative or a complete removal. We will help you plan your budget properly and efficiently for your business – without compromise.