Performance SEO for eCommerce Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to make a website and its content popular online. SEO includes several standard and customized workflows.

All of them aim at better website ranking:

  • Content marketing strategy 
  • Semantic SEO 
  • Technical optimization 
  • Loading speed 
  • Mobile optimization
  • Link building, and many more
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Performance SEO for eCommerce Websites

What is Performance SEO?

Some of the known SEO workflows are great and work very well, but there are two essential principles in e-commerce: time and value. How long will the results take, and what value will they bring? By value, of course, we mean sales.

Performance SEO is a new trained model developed by Serpact for online stores and their more effective SERP performance. Over the past years, we have developed this model to track the actual value of each keyword and how many transactions it can bring to your online store.

Optimization of an online store with Performance SEO in 10 steps:

1 Step
We hold a joint meeting where we get to know your project.
2 Step
We prepare a personalized list of questions for your e-store.
3 Step
We hold a meeting where we go into greater depth according to the answers from our questionnaire.
4 Step
We will request access to GA (GA4) and GSC to gather all the necessary information.
5 Step

We perform a holistic analysis of your GA (GA4) and GSC accounts using Serpact’s own trained software with specific AI development by answering the following questions:

  • What are the phrases (keywords) that your online store ranks for? 
  • Which of these phrases are bringing you sales? 
  • Which phrases form your semantic cores? 
  • Are there missing semantic cores or missing phrases? 
  • We calculate the potential success rate of each missed and available phrase.
6 Step
We hold a general meeting in which we present the data to you, and during the session or after it, you choose which product groups (categories) we should target along with us. These will be the ones that would bring you the most profits or are strategically most important to you.
7 Step

Based on the information collected from you and the selected product groups (categories), we run a deep semantic analysis on all phrases and give an accurate assessment for each of them, namely: 

  • At position X, you will make X more sales through X page, matching X phrase from organic traffic.
  •  So we can give you the so-called Forecast for every product, category, or page of your online store.
8 Step
We make a plan to improve the positions of specific pages, including a group of phrases with a clear idea of ​​how much we can increase your turnover through Performance SEO.
9 Step
You choose whether the Serpact team or your own team will implement the strategy.
10 Step
We measure results every three months, make a new plan to improve some phrases (those that have not fully achieved their goals), and add new ones as opportunities to increase your sales again.

5 advantages of Performance SEO for your business:

  • We will determine which products and product groups (categories) have the most significant potential for your business.
  • We’ll spend significantly less time focusing on 5% to 20% of your entire product range.
  • We will increase sales, as we did with 11 online stores from 2021 to December 2022, where sales increased from 80% to 400%. They are one of the largest online stores in the niches and countries they serve.
  • You won’t be spending a fortune on another standard SEO audit.
  • You’ll be one of the few stores with a similar approach in the country you serve.

Important rules without which this approach is not possible: 

  • We do not work with more than one customer in a niche, which means that if you have an online store in Austria for selling auto parts, we will not start a business with you because we have such a customer in a niche (this is an example). We believe this is the right, ethical, and collegial approach to work.
  • You need to have a history in GA (Google Analytics) with properly configured ecommerce tracking for a minimum of 2 years back. From July 2023, we will start to process data from GA4 as well, and currently, GA4’s switched online stores are being analyzed without a problem.
  • You have to have GSC (Google Search Console).
  • The minimum budget for an initial analysis (Discovery) starts from EUR 2,500 (one-time service price).
  • After the Discovery phase, the minimum budget for creating a Performance SEO Strategy starts from EUR 5,000 (one-time service price).
  • Limitation: We can implement no more than ten such strategies per year to maintain the quality of the service.


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What are our customers saying?

Vladislav Georgiev

Co-founder of ScalaHosting and NS1

Serpact increased our website traffic more than 6 times

We’ve been working successfully for two years, during which they increased our website traffic more than 6 times. Thus, the sales also increased manifold and allowed us to invest even more in SEO for even better results. Serpact team works very strictly and efficiently, which completely matches my expectations. I have no doubts that I made the right choice for our company when we started working with Serpact, and the results confirm it.

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