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The history of Serpact ™ begins in 2011.
The owner Nikola Minkov creates his own online store and for this purpose hires a SEO optimization company. In a few months his business model collapsed and restructuring took place. The budget shrinked and had to be split up with the SEO agency in question.


Successful SEO Agency

with successful customers

We were in your place (clients) and we understand you!

Personal SEO – Test 1!

After the shrinkage of the budget, Nikola Minkov had to do SEO on his website by himself. The result was simply disappointing. Neither progress in ranking nor traffic to the web site. Despite the application of large spamming methods according to everything described in the SEO forums, there was no effect.

Personal SEO – Test 2!

All failures have given a very important lesson to Nikola Minov about SEO that quick results are temporary. In 2012 he started experimenting with new websites and comparing different data. It was a tremendous thrill for him to check the rankings every day for each website. He worked almost 24 hours a day but again the results were not very successful.

Experiment 1 – Successful!

After nearly a year of experiments Nicola started his own SEO agency, initially deciding to work only with small projects in low competitive niches. The results were good and consequently he had to further develop his business plan.

training and lots of work are the Key to successful seo



In 2014 the owner of Serpact ™ was working alone on a lot of projects, including web design, SEO, social marketing, all that is related to assignments. The change was needed. So in less than a year he managed to increase his team with three more people. In 2017,  the team of Serpact ™  consists of 6 people and had the ambition to increase the team  until the end of 2017.

From 2014 until today  Nikola Minkov owns many SEO certifications that are directly or indirectly related to Search Engine Optimization: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Digital Garage, Bing, Yahoo, Inbound, SEO Certification ORG, DoubleClick, and many others after a training course. This is set as a standard in the company and now a large part of  Serpact ™ team is certified.

Nikola Minkov has been a lecturer at one of the most authoritative digital marketing events in Bulgaria, namely OA Advertising 2017 held at the Inter Expo Center in Sofia and Digital4Plovdiv. Also the owner of Serpact ™ is the first SEO expert from Bulgaria to visit the most authoritative digital marketing conference in the US, namely SMX, where he creates good relationships and maintains contacts today with the world’s largest specialists.

Our team has experience in some of the  most difficult and competitive niche in the markets in US, Bulgaria, Australia, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Germany and many others. We offer consulting services to a number of US corporations, corporate businesses in Bulgaria, Australian major chains, UK universities, local companies specialized in local SEO for all listed markets, and you can take a look at our OnPage SEO audits, statistics and trends for 2016.

Today we have a new office in Svilengrad and a newly opened office in 2016 in San Carlos, California, USA. We work as a boutique firm on a range of 5 to 10 SEO optimization projects. Since mid-2017  Sertpact ™ is a protected trademark (TM), and this is only part of the development of our agency and the services we offer. We have invaluable experience, we offer know-how, we are certified and we understand our customers because we were in their place!





Nikola Minkov
CEO, senior SEO expert
Nikola Minkov is an owner and founder of  SEO Agency Serpact.SEO expert on  On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO with more than 5 years of experience. Сertified for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google digital garage, Bing, Yahoo, Inbound and DoubleClick.
Dido Grigorov
Senior SEO Еxpert
Dido is an SEO expert with more than with more  12 years of experience whose job is mainly focused on technical optimization, content, semantics and link building. He has Google Adwords & Analytics certifications, Bing, Google Digital Garage, Inbound Marketing, Distilled, Content Marketing and Lynda International SEO сertifications.
Ivanina Petrova
Project Manager
Ivanina handles the management of all  Serpact’s projects and the internal communication between the staff of Serpact. She has a solid experience in communication and management of different international projects.
Hristo Samandjiev
OffPage SEO expert
Hristo is an expert on OffPage SEO and successfully handles all of Serpact’s projects and has several years of experience. He has a secondary school education and completed successfully courses in link building and semantics.
Deyan Stoyanov
Programmer- On-Page SEO expert
Deyan educated CST (computer systems and technologies) in Technical University of Sofia. Programmer by nature and spirit – HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, SQL, PERL, C, C++, C#. He handles all On-Page assignments of SEO Аgency Serpact.
Siyana Karaatanasova
Junior Copywrite specialist
Siyana educated Applied Linguistics in University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”. She is a website administrator and masters English and Russian. She specializes in articles writing and translation.
Pavel Sarandiev
Junior OffPage SEO expert
Pavel joins the company’s  OffPage SEO department and takes part in all projects of the department. He educated  secondary school education and completed courses in computer link building and Photoshop.



  • Borislav Malinov
    Owner of restaurant Leonardo Bansko

  • Atanas Tanev
    Owner of Website

  • Mariana Petrova
    Marketing manager of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax