From a client to a SEO firm to a SEO expert with his own company!

I was a client and this motivated me!

SEO Agency Serpact Team

In 2011 I started my online store and for this purpose I hired a firm for SEO optimization. They worked well on my website but after a few months my business model collapsed and I had to restructure the things. My budget shrank and I was forced to part with my company.

Then I got the brilliant idea to optimize myself my website!

Naturally, everything was very disappointing because the results were catastrophic. There was neither progress in the ranking, nor traffic to the website. I remember that I applied huge spam methods, in general I did everything that was written in the online forums.

Trial and failure, trial and failure and…

All the failures that I went through gave me a very important lesson in the branch that the fast results are temporary. In 2012 I started experimenting with new websites and comparing the different data. I felt huge excitement when I was checking the ranking every day for each website. I worked almost night and day.

The day of the big step!

So after 1 year of trials I decided to start my own SEO agency and as for a beginning I decided to work with small projects in weakly competitive niches. The result were good and consequently I had to redevelop my business plan.

It turned out well for me!

In 2014 I was alone in a lot of projects as I took up web design, SEO projects, in general I didn’t decline any commissions. Change was needed. So in less than a year I managed to increase the staff with three more people.

Today is most important!

Today we are in a new office, the atmosphere is amazing. We work as a boutique firm with a maximum of 15 to 20 projects for a SEO optimization. We have invaluable experience, we offer know-how, we are certified and understand your clients because we have been in their place!

From here you can download our brandbook. From here the templates of our Business card, fonts we used, letterhead, Logo.

Our success is not a matter of luck but it is a matter of time!

Nikola Minkov

CEO, SEO Expert

Nikola Minkov is an owner and founder of SEO Agency Serpact. He is a SEO expert in On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO with more than 5 years of experience. Certified for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google digital garage, Bing, Yahoo, Inbound and DoubleClick.

Dido Grigorov

SEO Expert

Dido is an SEO Expert with 12 years of experience, focusing on technical optimization, content, semantics, and link building. It has Google Adwords &Analytics, Bing, Google Digital Garage, Inbound Marketing, Distilled, Content Marketing and Lynda International SEO Certificates

Hristo Samandzhiev

SEO - Link building

Hristo is expert in link building and successfully manages all of the firm's projects since 2015. He has secondary education and he also completed successfully several link building courses.

Deyan Stoyanov


Deyan graduated CST (computer systems and technologies) in the Technical University of Sofia. Programmer by nature, he puts his heart into what he does - HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, SQL, PERL, C, C++, C#. He is responsible for all On-Page assignments in SEO Agency Serpact.

Siyana Karaatanasova


Siyana is part of the Serpact's team since the summer of 2016. She graduated high school in Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski", specialty Applied linguistics. She is a website manager and knows English and Russian. Her interests include writing articles and translation.

Pavel Sarandiev

Junior OffPage SEO Link Builder

Since 2017, Pavel is part of the Serpact ™ team. He joined the OffPage SEO department of the company, participating in all of the department's projects. He has completed secondary education, as well as several courses in computer literacy, link building and Photoshop.

Couldn't be happier with other #SEO expert! I am impressed by their professionalism, responsibility to the clients and readiness to make always one more step in satisfying the client. Nikola is always ready to answer my questions, to do the work necessary to improve the results on my site and even more - to educate his clients how to maintain good standards on their websites. Will be happy to work with Serpact for years to come!

Geri Vladeva

Owner at WWT
Serpact is the best investment we have ever made! Their online marketing campaign rocks! Our SEO, social media and online business reputation management is now breaking records! Thank you from the entire Dryfast Property Restoration team!

Georgio Atana

Owner at Dryfast General Contractor