Serpact and Scala Hosting with the second award from Vega Awards for Best Integrated Campaign 2022

About the project and our approach
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We are delighted to announce that in 2022 we won a second award from the Vega Awards again together with Scala Hosting‘s project. The first award is in the Complex Semantic SEO approach category, and the second one is in the Complex approach in a highly competitive niche category.

About the project and our approach

We can boldly state that web hosting as a niche is highly competitive. To help our client beat its competition, we have put in a lot of effort and used all our expertise, experience, and to tackle the most significant challenge we faced, namely:

  • lack of sufficient traffic and conversions
  • lack of sufficient visibility and recognition of the company

A thank-you letter to the entire Serpact team

Our main goal was to achieve maximum visibility and the best possible conversion rate in this highly competitive niche.

We are very proud of this success and that our efforts have been seen and rewarded. We are grateful to our clients for their unquestioning trust in us and for believing that together we could deliver and get the brand ahead of the competition.

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Our thanks also go to the entire Serpact team, as without the knowledge, experience, and professionalism they put into every project, such success would not have been possible.

Seeing our clients happy, satisfied, and successful and how their business is growing motivates us more and more and makes us want to keep developing and giving our best.

Who were the other winners in Digital Marketing?

Other winners in the Digital Marketing category are:

  • Picture North with Picture North Capabilities Book Award
  • Responsive Spaces with a Spot On Award in the Experimental / Innovative subcategory
  • Pets Global with the Be a voice for the voiceless award in the Cause-Related subcategory

A reminder that in 2021 we won our very first Vega Awards with our project with DSK Bank in the SEM Campaign category.About Vega Awards

About Vega Awards

The Vega Awards are one of the most prestigious awards globally. They aim to discover some of the most talented creative minds from around the world who are boldly finding innovative ways to create digital content and stand out for their expertise.

That’s why the award means a lot to us because we know how many great professionals worldwide stand out for their ingenuity and professionalism. And to be chosen among them all is more than a success.

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