Brief review of eCommerce Annual Summit 2022

About the partners
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We are very happy to announce to you that on October 4th, 2022 the  annual eCommerce Annual Summit took place in  Inter Expo Center-Sofia. The event was organized by Enterprise magazine and consisted of three panel discussions and a workshop. 

About the partners

Official partners of the event are:

  • VTEX 
  • Stenik 
  • Еcont
  • Brain Donors 
  • OLX

Image partners of the event are:

  • Serpact 
  • BelugaIT 
  • GombaShop

And the digital marketing partners are:

  • Stellary 
  • Etarget and others

About the event

Some of the most famous experts in the world of ecommerce and marketing shared their experience and gave their advice on how to attract clients. They also shared some of their strategies for success on the different markets.  

The popularization of the meta universe

This year’s eCommerce Annual Summit forum is in fact one of the first events in Bulgaria where a Meta representative discusses the topic about the role of the meta universe in ecommerce and also the ways in which every brand can take some of the advantages virtual worlds offer. 

This meta representative is Emin Aliev who is a chief director of  Digital Ecosystems & Big Tech. He discussed the popularization of the meta universe  and the immersive shopping experience that resulted from it. The presence of influencers combined with  AR and  VR technologies offer a completely new experience in terms of ads. 

Emin Aliev shared that in 2022 Meta  tested an Instagram functionality that allows users to connect digital wallets. During the testing period this functionality will be available mostly in the USA and afterwards in other countries as well.  

Tik Tok and its influence on ecommerce

The start of the  forum was announced by Catalina Balasoiu who is a deputy executive director of HTTPOOL Romania. She discussed the Tik Tok app and what is its influence on ecommerce.

The app became popular thanks to the increase in mobile traffic and  the fact that it’s an entertaining alternative to the traditional digital ads. 

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Digitalization options for  B2B sales

Dimitar Dimitrov who is  a sales director and an owner of  Stenik discussed the digitalization options for  B2B sales. He gave an example with data about Great Britain where the  B2B market in   2020 had  23% more sales compared to this year. He also discussed the challenges that  B2B sales digitalization brings.

Panel discussion: Rethinking the customer loyalty in the digital age 

The participants in one of the forum’s panel discussions  „Rethinking the customer loyalty in the digital age“ were :

  • Radko Slavov, sales director for Bulgaria, Romania and North Macedonia 
  • Ivan Kutuev, chief director of the advertisement department of Link Mobility, Pulse Fitness, Grand Hotel Bansko and Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas
  • Yavor Stoychev, cofounder and technical director of  Releva
  • Vyara Misheva,  Category Specialist from the OLX product team 

The discussion was moderated by  Mariyan Naydenov, CEO of Prodesign.

All participants in the discussion supported unanimously the idea how important is for every business to communicate with its customers through different channels. They also discussed the different ways for building trust among customers. 

Online store popularization across foreign markets and creating an advertisement strategy

The CEO of Brain Donors digital agency Andrey Petrov discussed the topic about the popularization of online stores across foreign markets. He shared his opinion that market research should be a priority in the strategy for a successful business in the foreign markets.  

Brain Donors digital agency is one of Serpact’s partners and it’s famous with the fact that it communicates with its customers through different channels and helps international companies grow on the European  digital marketing scene. Andrey Petrov also organized a workshop for building an advertisement strategy for the entire marketing funnel. 

Panel discussion: Latest eCommerce trends

Other experts that took part in the panels discussion for the latest ecommerce trends are:

  • Bogdan Colceriu, one of the co founders and an CEO of Frisbo
  • Boryana Uzunova, founder of  NOLD
  • Alexander Stoica-Marcu – founder of  ProductLead

Moderator of the discussion is Nikola Yanev – marketing manager of Eleven Ventures.

Outreach marketing with Borislav Arapchev

Another interesting topic that was discussed during the forum was Outreach marketing. The SEO strategist of Serpact – Borislav Arapchev commented this topic and listed the strategy development options for this type of marketing that is related to content creation for different businesses. 

Arapchev mentioned that with the help of Outreach marketing we can achieve an increase in the number customers of a given brand and an increase in its web traffic by going into partnerships with companies or people. In this way we can attract links that will be useful to the organic rate of the given business.

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Another interesting discussion was related to the online shopping cart, the selling process and the payment methods.

The people who took part in this discussion were:

  • Petar Dyaksov, managing copartner of  Seomax
  • Mario Peshev, founder of  DevriX
  • And the executive director of GombaShop Georgi Kostov 

Among the forum’s other participants are:

  • Metodi Drenovski, CEO and founder of
  • Nikolai Neroev, founder of RoboBizz 
  • Svetlin Adriyanov, associate copartner of the law practice of EY Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Republic of Kosovo.
    Brief review of eCommerce Annual Summit 2022

It’s a great pleasure for us to share with you our experience and offer useful content to our customers. So, we will continue to keep you in touch with the latest events from the world of SEO

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