Serpact & ScalaHosting won second award for project growth from WE-Awards 2023

About WEB Excellence Awards
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We are happy to share that for the second year in a row Serpact is among the winners of the WEB Excellence Awards and has taken its third prize from the competition in category: Advertising & Marketing | Marketing Effectiveness, SEO.

About WEB Excellence Awards

WEB Excellence Awards are one of the most prestigious global awards in the world of digital marketing, recognizing excellence in the WEB. Their main goal is to distinguish web and marketing projects, social media campaigns, videos and mobile apps, created by digital agencies, designers, creators and freelancers.

The project with ScalaHosting

In 2022, we were pleased to share the success of Serpact and ScalaHosting in category Advertising & Marketing from the WEB Excellence Awards, achieved thanks to the dedicated work of both teams. We based our project strategy on a complex approach in a highly competitive niche and reached over 140% growth compared to previous period.

Receiving recognition and being awarded is always a great experience, but it should not calm us down and be a reason to slow down the pace of work on a project. Quite the opposite – SEO requires persistence and is often underestimated in the SERP world, especially after achieving good results.

In Serpact, every award motivates the team to continue working hard on the projects, and that’s how we managed to receive a second achievement for the same project with ScalaHosting from the WEB Excellence Awards 2023 for:

More than 6 times increase in website traffic for the entire work period and 185% growth compared to the previous year!

These are the results of a really well planned and even better executed strategy!

We are grateful for our long-term partnership with ScalaHosting! Without their full dedication and trust, we won’t be able to achieve such impressive results.

And behind every successful project stands the team of Serpact, as they give it all to accompany our customers on the way to their success. Thanks to you, too!

ScalaHosting for their work with Serpact

Hear what Vladislav Georgiev, co-founder of ScalaHosting and Ns1, says about working together with Serpact:

Awards we’ve won with the ScalaHosting project

We wish us more achievements and a continuation of our long-standing partnership!

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