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At the beginning of the month, in the Local Guides Connect forum was published the leaderboard of the TOP 100 local guides in the world by country for the month of February 2023.

Borislav Arapchev – SEO Strategist at Serpact, was listed in it as the only Bulgarian local guide who has been noted there so far.

top 100 local guides country 2023

Local Guides Connect is an online forum where Local Guides share their discoveries with like-minded people. In addition to communication, the forum is also used to submit suggestions for improvements for the Local Guides program and features on Google Maps.

The idea of the Local Guides Connect leaderboards was born in 2020 after creating the first leaderboard post on Star photos. Based on the interest from Local Guides, in time, now there are 4 leaderboard posts – Points, Photo Views, Star Photo (Views) and the final one Country, which shows for different points and views metrics, the top Guide of each country.

borislav arapchev local guideBobi has been contributing to the development of Google Maps in Bulgaria for years and it is no surprise to us that he appears in these rankings. He is one of the most active local guides in Bulgaria, having reached Level 10 and over 110,000 points received. Congratulations, Bobi!

And to all the other local guides in Bulgaria, we wish success and hope to see new names in the next editions of the leaderboard!

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