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What is #SerpAsk?
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Friends, colleagues, I am addressing this post with open and honest feelings to all of you. I would like to see how much do you support the #SerpAsk initiative and redirect that support towards the ones that are currently in need. We live in times of fear, of economic crisis, but I don’t feel that we are the ones experiencing the greatest difficulties, there are people in much more difficult situations than us. That’s why we decided to start a few campaigns in #SerpAsk which are dedicated to gathering donations for the people affected most severely by the crisis. Here’s how:



Link for the first Serpask Battle which supports the initiative!


What is #SerpAsk?

As you know, SerpAsk are the first of their kind webinars for Digital Marketing in Bulgaria. Here are some facts about them:

  • #SerpAsk is a project built with lots of love and efforts!
  • #SerpAsk is a webinar series, directed towards digital marketing specialists and the business
  • #SerpAsk is absolutely free of charge, it just requires a sign up in advance and SerpAsk’s team takes the responsibility to notify the attendee via email for the upcoming event 

The pilot episode aired back in the end of 2018 and the first guest was John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst в Google). That was his first appearance on the bulgarian marketing scene. You can follow all of the episodes here:

One of the leading specialists in Bulgaria, such as:

  • Ognyan Mladenov /
  • Dido Grigorov / Serpact
  • Gerogi Stefanov /
  • Dimitar Dimitrov /
  • Gennady Vorobyov /
  • Teodor Zahariev /
  • Lyubomir Popov /
  • Ivo Iliev / InteractAGE
  • Petar Dyaksov / SEOMAX
  • Eduard Dimitrov / 3D Web Design
  • Teodora Petkova / Web Scriptorium
  • Lyubomir Atanasov / IMG
  • Evgeny Yordanov / CloudCart
  • Datsko Datsev / Trendo
  • Petar Nikolov / Mobilio
  • Georgi Malchev / Xplora
  • Lili Grozeva / Verto Digital
  • Kaloyan Dimitrov / Youth Talent Network Bulgaria

One of the leadings experts across the world, two of which are currently working for Google and two former employees there, as well as The Search Personality of the year in SEO:

  • John Mueller (2 participations) / Google
  • Eric Enge / Perficient Digital
  • Craig Campbell /  Craig Campbell SEO
  • Dawn Anderson / Move It Marketing
  • Murat Yatagan / Ex-Googler
  • Marie Haynes / Marie Haynes Consulting
  • Bill Slawski / SEO by the sea
  • Martin Split / Google
  • Milosz Krasinski / International SEO Consultant
  • Pedro Dias / Ex-Googler
  • Jason Barnard / Digital marketing consultant
  • Doc Sheldon / Intrinsic Value SEO
  • Dana DiTomaso / @KickPointinc
  • Aleyda Solis /
  • Kate Toon / The Recipe for SEO Success
  • Barry Schwartz / Search Endine Roundtable
  • Bartosz Góralewicz / Onely

What else did we achieved with #SerpAsk:

We built a section called #SerpCast which is made for people that don’t have time to watch webinars and prefer listening to podcasts instead. We integrated it into Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Deezer and Castbox.

Still, everything requires an investment to be made. Let’s see what it cost us:

Roughly over 6500 lv for equipment, cameras, microphones, etc.

Monthly software expenses: 450 lv

The preparation for each series takes up to 17 hours * 36 = 612 hours

What these numbers mean:

  • Contacting the guest and communication with him: 3 hours
  • Choosing the subject and subthemes: 2 hours
  • Creating a Facebook Event: 1 hour
  • Advertising the event: 2 hours
  • Building a landing page for the webinar: 4 hours
  • Backstage preparation: 2 hours
  • Email marketing: 1 hour
  • Building designs: banners, pages and logos: 2 hours
  • Integrating the public webinar link to our website, so that people can access it from there;
  • Reviewing each series after the event and stylization of the content: around 5 hours for each. 
  • Promoting the website after the live event(regularly): 4 hours

Help us support the ones in need together

As you can see, each webinar requires a certain investment, but our main goal is not to cover our expenses, but to see how you would appraise our efforts. This is why we offer the following 4 packages:

  • free
  • 5$
  • 10$
  • 25$

What do you get with each package?

Nothing more than a free ticket! With these packages you make a donation to support #SerpAsk and Serpask on his behalf donates fully to the people affected by the crisis. Or…



/There’s a small amount of 1 to 2 % of transaction fee which will be held by the payment processor./

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