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SEO consulting services give your website an exceptional advantage in search results thanks to our long-term experience in search engine optimization.

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SEO Consultation

Our consulting services are specifically designed for companies with internal marketing departments and webmaster and programmer staff who think they need external expertise and guidance in SEO.

During the consultation process, our team will work with you, create a plan with necessary steps and measures, and track their application and correct implementation in the short and long term.

The ultimate goal of the consultation is to make your website preferred by search engines:

  • to achieve higher rankings
  • to rank for more relevant keywords
  • to enhance user experience
  • to achieve more conversions in the form of sales, orders and inquiries

SEO consultations are strictly individual and based on the needs and requirements of your project. This will help your company achieve its goals set by the web project.

We will also focus on what more relevant and realistic goals you can set for the optimization of your company’s website in organic search.

What does SEO consulting include?

SEO consultations include website analysis at a technical and content level, semantic analysis, competitors research and link profile. With the help of these analyses, we will build a successful strategy for your business to align yourself with the top competitors in your niche in organic search.

When do you need SEO consultation, and why?

New website

SEO work begins with the site’s design and programming.

No results

If the previous company you worked with failed to deliver the results you agreed to, and you want us to clarify what’s going on.

Migrating a website

After the migration of the new design, there is a strong likelihood of losing a lot of your positions achieved so far in the organic search.

Bad SEO strategy

If you have been following your SEO strategy for a long time and see no results, we’ll explain why this is happening.

Loss of traffic

If you notice you have lost much of your organic traffic in a short period of time.


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Our SEO consultation process explained

We will analyze your website at all levels – from technical to link profile.
We will develop a custom, unique, documented SEO strategy for your website and check if you are executing it properly. Each concern will be accompanied by one or more appropriate solutions and guidelines for their implementation.
We will analyze and investigate keywords for you to shape a semantic entity on which to build a content strategy, marketing funnel and matrix, informational architecture, and strategy for building and attracting links from authoritative sites to your website.
We will give you adequate explanations and solutions to the intricate technical issues.
We will thoroughly examine your top competitors and the practices they apply to achieve top positions.
We will recommend a specific software according to your needs and budget to monitor the progress of your website in organic results, or we will offer you our specialists’ monthly reports.

If you already have content, we’ll analyze it in depth to find its problematic areas and current optimization level. With that information, we will create a step-by-step plan to help you improve and develop your content to generate more conversions.

If you already have a link profile, we will examine your links in detail to track down the so-called toxic links that negatively impact the ranking of your website.

If you are going to redesign the website, we will create a plan with actions and explanations for you and your team. At the same time, we will observe the whole process while adhering to the best SEO practices when going through a new website design so that you won’t lose many of your positions but keep them instead.

In case you get a penalty by search engines – manual or algorithmic, we will develop a strategy with tactics to remove it and improve your positions.

Do you have questions? See more on the blog or give us a call

Each problem will be accompanied by one or several most appropriate solutions and guidelines for their implementation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • This service is for small, medium and large enterprises and website owners with SEO-related questions about technical optimization, content optimization and website promotion.

  • Together we select a convenient time and web platform (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.) for our appointment for both your team and ours. To achieve more clarity and better interaction, we prefer a live video call and screen-sharing opportunities to be available.

  • Our consulting services’ cost is determined by an hourly formula based on your inquiry and the type of consultation. Once you send us clearly defined questions about your website’s SEO, we can determine which head of department is best to consult you.

  • Serpact’s key SEO experts provide our consulting services:
    Nikola Minkov, Dido Grigorov and Borislav Arapchev. We can include another team member during the conversation if additional information is necessary.

What comes after the SEO consultation?

During our consultation, we will guide you throughout the process of solving your SEO-related problems. However, we are always happy to help if additional questions arise afterward. If you find it challenging to resolve the issue on your own, we can provide you with a quote and help you with our professional knowledge and practical skills.


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