The first AMP website in Bulgaria

What is  AMP and is it necessary?

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is considerbly a new Google initiative  designed to create a new website format which will be much faster, more еfficient and appealing. Because the project is still in progress, many of its aspects are not standartized and big changes are expected in the future. The main reason for the development is the increase in the percent of  mobile device internet traffic in the last several years which now exceeds this of personal computer traffic. Despite the constant technological development, mobile devices still have several disadvantages in comparison to computers which probably won’t be overcome soon. The main disadvantage is the weaker hardware that limits the resources, which can be used for a separate application and the small screen that sets a different outlook for the sites.
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The Serpact team grew by two new specialists

 SEO Аgency Serpact increased with two more SEO specialists

In 2017  Serpact team is growing and two new specialists joined the company’s team. One of them is the well-known Dido Grigorov –one of the best  SEO experts in Bulgaria who has proved his professionalism over the years in different markets and niches. With his more than 12 years of experience, Dido will add considerable value to the services of the company.
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Useful Ecomm Congress 2017

Ecomm Congress 2017 exceeded all expectations 

Nikola Minkov and Borislav Arapchev at Ecomm Congress

Ecomm Congress 2017 exceeded all expectations and provided all the participants with really valuable knowledge, expert advice by remarkable lecturers in the sphere of digital marketing. The cherry of the cake happened to be the awards which were organized for the first time in such a format.

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How the OA 2017 Conference went

OA {Online Advertising} Sofia 2017 was carried out at a very high level

The owner of SEO Аgency Serpact –Nikola Minkov

This year’s edition of OA was carried out at an exceptional level and again satisfied all the participants. The owner of  SEO Аgency Serpact –Nikola Minkov was a lecturer in the hall for  SEO {panel}.  He made a speech there in front of an audience of 200 people about “How not to lose our SEO optimization after a migration or a new design?”.

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SMX West Survey –San Jose 2017

One conference for digital marketing is useful, if you have learned a lot and made contacts!

On the photo  John Mouller from Google and  Nikola Minkov from Serpact after a conversation in Googleplex at a Google Party

This year another SMX West conference  was carried out which was about SEO, social marketing and advertising {AdWords} in San Jose, Californa in USA, on which the owner of  SEO Аgency Serpact was present. Remarkable lecturers about which you will read below, perfect organization by  Matt Van Wagner and much, much new knowledge.

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OnPage SEO audits –statistics and trends

After the realization of over 100 OnPage SEO audits in 2016, we from the Serpact team decided to gather all the data and analyze it. In this way we managed to make several important conclusions that we are going to mention in this post. Also, this helps us to understand what is the current trend in the business and to what extent people rely on it. Last but not least, we compare the data from the audits + implementation of  the audits and those without such data.

Short Statistcs of Implemented and Realized OnPage Odits for 2016

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