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In a short period of time, Serpact managed to gather a team of over 25 specialists in the field, and today we are one of the leaders in the Bulgarian, European and world markets.

We know our customers’ needs because we have been in their shoes.

Content is most important, and that’s why we create over 100 full Content Marketing strategies per year, integrating (on average) over 50% of them successfully with an increase in organic traffic, brand improvement and a significant increase in business conversions.

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25+ Experts explain how COVID-19 affects SEO and what you need to do?

The current world crisis has dramatically changed the world of commerce in a very short period of time.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen pubs, restaurants and retail stores close – and, sadly, there are those (approximately 20,000 in the UK alone)  who won’t re-open due to devastating financial losses.



Content is more than the king, it’s the kingdom – Dido Grigorov, Head of SEO at Serpact

Is NLP (Natural Language Processing) really starting to play a role in SEO, or is it just a geek term used by technical SEO bodies?



SEO Interview With Nikola Minkov

It’s time for another SEO interview with one of our friend and long time client. Without any further introductions, here’s our interview with Nikola Minkov from Serpact.com….


Team certificates

List of Serpact Certified Specialists. We never stop developing and improving. Yay

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Google Page Spread
Google Page Speed Insights
A Google tool for measuring speed and other useful metrics. An analysis close to that of Google’s algorithms. Find out more
Deep Crawl
A detailed crawler tool that, in addition to clearing technical errors, we also use when working with the URL structure of a website. Find out more
Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog
One of the first and probably the best crawler tools in SEO. In combination with all API integrations, RegEXP and XPath do wonders. Find out more
One of the best tools for link profile analysis. We use it as an API integration in our analysis work at various levels. Find out more
A detailed crawler tool that, in addition to deep site research, we use extremely well for semantic analysis. Find out more
SEO Powersuite
A complete suite of very useful SEOs developing at a fast pace. Our favorite is WebsiteAuditor for technical work and deatiled content analysis. Find out more
Google Mobile Friendly
Google Mobile Friendly Tool
An extremely useful tool from Google for analyzing a mobile-friendliness website and for fixing major errors in a mobile environment. Find out more
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
One of the oldest web analytics tools. We combine Analytics data with other data through the Analytics Behavior API and Website Alerts. Find out more
Google Search Console
We closely monitor all console results and errors and correct them on time. We also provide a GSC monitoring and analysis service. Find out more
Rich Snippets Testing Tool
A tool to work with rich results directly from Google. The Serpact team clears and validates any errors in handling these results submitted by this tool. Find out more
Structure Data Testing Tool
Our daily and loyal assistant in handling structural data on Google’s requirements. We are working to fully validate the tool data. Find out more
Search Metrics
All-in-one solution we use for large websites with Enterprise SEO services, with requirements for technical, content and link profile work with rich analytical depth. Find out more
In our words, as well as other experts – the best tool for analyzing competition in organic search, as one of the best for analyzing keywords. Find out more
Another tool we use to analyze websites when implementing SEO campaigns at Enterprise level. All-in-one solution with high precision analysis. Find out more
SEO Monitor
SEO Monitor
Another software we use on a daily basis, both for large Enterprise SEO websites and for small websites. Useful for analyzing high-definition keywords for usefulness. Find out more
Serpact KWR – Semantic Keyword Research Tool
A semantic keyword analysis tool developed using a special technology based on years of experience by the Serpact experts. Find out more
SEO Monitor
Nancy – Semantic Content Optimization
Specialized content management software based on NLP algorithms as well as Google BERT for maximum precision in relevancy optimization. Find out more
SEO Monitor
More tools
We are currently in the process of developing more useful tools. Find out more