Serpact won European Search Awards 2019 – Gaming Category

About the ceremony and included campaigns
Serpact won European Search Awards 2019 – Gaming Category

This evening we will remember for a long time – a great gala evening with many colleagues, famous names from the SEO and PPC industry and a great expectation. An expectation that to our great joy was confirmed.

European Search Awards 2019

About the ceremony and included campaigns

On June 20, 2019, we visited the Vigado Concert Hall in Budapest for the European Search Awards ceremony and award ceremony. These awards value and demonstrate the strong campaigns of many digital agencies across Europe, as well as the level of the best online tools for analysis and growth on the Internet. A limited number of companies were admitted to the final ceremony, which showed impressive results in client projects or campaign management for them. Strong names such as Re: signal, Blueclaw, Wolfgang Digital, Impression, SEMrush, OnCrawl, Booster Box, Crafted were among the names admitted to the finals.

Борислав Арапчев, Никола Минков и Дидо Григоров със наградата си на European Search Awards 2019

Serpact nominated for the Best Use of Search – Gaming category

Serpact was nominated for a finalist in the Best Use of Search – Gaming category. After the introductory introductions and the gala dinner, it was finally time to announce the winners.

Serpact спечели награда на European Search Awards 2019

It was a huge excitement and joy for us to realize that we are winning by working on the Efirbet client project. Our satisfaction was great because the success of the project is only the tip of the iceberg – the sleepless nights, the long hours of work / in this project over 2000 hours /, many failures and corrections afterwards remain invisible. Our emotion was twofold, given that this is recognition of the first fully Bulgarian digital agency to be awarded at this high European forum.

We invite you to delight with more photos from the event to get an idea of ​​its atmosphere.

Here’s the gallery:



The award was presented by Miklos Breitner / Founder and CEO of Business Monitor /.

And to the whole Serpact team – congratulations!

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