At Serpact, we believe that if our clients and the businesses we work with are more prepared and educated about how SEO works, then our work would be even more effective. We also believe that knowledge should be shared and exchanged ideas and methods that have been tested and tested with colleagues. Mutual assistance in the field of web programming and Internet business has not been yesterday. But any new event is a good opportunity to update trends and knowledge of the web.



That’s why we decided to support and sponsor Web Zurich, an event that will take place tonight, August 23, at 6:30 pm at Impact Hub Zurich. Speakers include such names as Alvaro Videla, Florian Schulz, Luca Simone, Bartosz Goralewicz, Martin Splitt, Mirko Eberlein and others.

Web Zurich 2019 site

The variety of topics is great – from Google indexing to Javascript, web apps, React Native, accessibility, site architecture and GraphQL databases, productivity, etc.


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