Serpact is a full member of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association

We are delighted and proud to announce that Serpact is officially a full member of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association, and as such, we can enjoy many benefits.

For example, we get the annual report on e-commerce in Europe. It provides data for each Ecommerce Europe member country. In addition, every full member has access to research done in the field of e-commerce not only in Bulgaria and Europe but also worldwide.

Furthermore, the BEA provides protection and lobbying for the interests of the industry. It means that every full member can get assistance when new laws and regulations related to the conduct of e-commerce are adopted.

As a result, a full member gets better and preferable policies for the industry through cooperation with government bodies. These are only a small part of the benefits available to us as a full member.

With all of these advantages, we can participate in determining the path of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association. Thus as a full member of the BEA, we have the right to vote in the General Assembly, and we can be elected as members of the Board.

In this regard, we would like to remind you that earlier this year, on 28 June, the Annual General Meeting was held, at which Nikola Minkov, CEO of Serpact, was elected as a member of the new Board of Directors to serve a two-year term, along with:

  • Zhanet Naydenova, JNN Consult Ltd.;
  • Ivo Todorov, Sport Depot JSC;
  • Kaloyan Hristov, Varrio Sport Ltd.;
  • Hristo Petrov, Golden Vision Ltd.

Our acceptance as a full member of the Bulgarian E-commerce Association is a great honour, privilege, and an exceptional opportunity.

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