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Nikola Minkov
SEO Analysis of your website is very important to understand its current status. The analysis is divided into several processes, the main ones being structural information, speed, on-Page state, off-Page state, design, usability, internal links, keyword ranking, and inbound links to your web site, for which an analysis is made for each.


What is SSL and is it necessary for us? Before you start a migration from HTTP to HTTPS, it’s a good idea to know what the protocol itself is, to decide if you need it and to pre-prepare to avoid the many problems that might arise from an irregular migration. SSL is an acronym for …

Brand24 – the powerful social assistant

The goal of today’s article is to introduce you to a new and really helpful instrument – Brand24. It is a social media monitoring tool which scans and informs you about new information that appeared on social media and through the world wide web about a specific brand or a keyword, which you have requested. …