Serpact & ScalaHosting won the WE-Awards for Advertising & Marketing

Details about the project

WEB Excellence Awards are among the most significant and recognizable awards in the digital marketing world in recent years.

The WE-Awards or Web Excellence Awards emphasize honoring, recognizing, and rewarding innovation and creativity, by providing a benchmark standard of excellence for evaluating all types of media and channels on the web.

They aim to set a high standard for creative, technical, and visionary projects and websites.


We’re incredibly pleased to share with you that we’re adding another WE-Awards statuette to our shelf, thanks to our great work with ScalaHosting!

The project that the jury rated so highly and won the WEB Excellence Awards in the Advertising & Marketing | Copy or Writing SEO category was based on a comprehensive approach in a highly competitive niche, that has led the hosting company to over 140% in revenue growth.

Details about the project

About the Project: A COMPLEX APPROACH IN A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE NICHE 140 % REVENUE GROWTH (last month according to the previous year)

The Challenge

  • Not enough web traffic and conversions
  • Not enough online brand visibility and recognition.

The Goal 

To reach maximum visibility and the best possible conversion rate in a highly competitive niche.

  • Technical SEO – internal links
  • Technical SEO – Server .log files
  • Redesign & Page Speed Optimization
Serpact & ScalaHosting – Page Speed Optimization

Other important measures taken

  • We have resolved a significant DNS issue – 4 websites shared the same DNS address!
  • Fixed about 150 000 dynamically generated internal links with the same anchor
  • We fixed the whole mark-up, debugging it type by type.
  • 1257 Duplicate Titles
  • 12 152 Broken Internal Links
  • About 200 pages with similar pages were removed and redirected.

Content Strategy 

Serpact ScalaHosting – Content Strategy

More on the content strategy

  • About 200 meta titles and descriptions have been rewritten for better CTR.
  • About 400 pages have been enriched for more time spent on them.
  • The speed of all pages has been improved from 45/100 to 99/100 for best UX.
  • CTR went from 1,57% to 5.32%
  • The bounce rate went down from 75% to 44,72%
  • Time spent on pages is now about 11 mins.

Content Promotion Strategy

  • Planning top priority pages
  • Outreaching techy bloggers and vloggers
  • Using social media power
  • Affiliate programа

After seeing some of the projects, we are delighted to share that the steps we went through with the fantastic team of Scalahosting, resulted in an impressive 140% return!

These are the results of a really well-planned and even better-executed strategy! Knowing where our goals are, we know how to take the steps to get there.

About ScalaHosting:

ScalaHosting is a leader in web hosting technology, offering its users a multitude of VPS options and hosting solutions with multiple management and scalability options. They started their company in 2007, and this is the first WE-Awards award for them.

On behalf of the entire Serpact team – Thank you to Team ScalaHosting for their trust and dedication! Thank you also to Team Serpact for their expertise and the attention to detail to deliver thеse great project results!

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