Dido Grigorov part of a Google event again – Webmaster Unconference June 2021 Recap

What does Google say about this event?
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A few months after the Virtual Webmaster Conference, Google organized another virtual event called Google Webmaster Unconference 2021, which took place on June 21 this year. The event is organized for the second time, after last year’s, and is in a completely different format from the conferences we know so far. It is based on active communication and discussions between the participants, organized in different thematic sessions and moderated by a facilitator. 

What does Google say about this event?

According to Google, the event is “a chance to collaborate with other site owners, SEOs, developers, digital marketers, publishers and Google product teams, such as the Search Console and Google Search, which helps Google deliver more value to the webmaster community. . ” The Google Webmaster Unconference was extremely well organized by Google employees -, the familiar to all of us in the web community Martin Splitt (search developer advocate) and Terry Ednacot

Among the facilitators were Google employees such as Aurora Morales, Daniel Waisberg, Masha Laychtman, Antje Weisser, Aaseesh Marina, as well as representatives of the Google product expert program. The places, despite the great interest, were quite limited, and the participants were carefully selected on the basis of their background and demographic characteristics, in order a diverse audience to be formed.

Dido Grigorov’s topic: “What is a great website quality in 2021?”

Our colleague and head of content department of Serpact – Dido Grigorov (Silver Product Expert) was a facilitator of the event with his topic: “What is a great website quality in 2021?”. This is Serpact’s second participation in an official Google event, after the first – Google Dance Zurich 2018 in September of the same year.

Along with Dido Grigorov, this time there was one more Bulgarian representative – Petar Nikolov – one of the big Bulgarian names in the SEO circles.

What was discussed and what was the response?

The main focus of Dido’s topic was highlighting the characteristics of high quality sites in 2021 in the context of good technical optimization, site structure and content architecture, crawl statistics, EAT, Core Web Vitals, user experience, and of course the use of the Google Search Console to improve the quality of the website.

Dido’s discussion lasted longer than the scheduled time of 45 minutes, due to the increased interest in the topic. The participants actively shared experiences from previous and current projects, thoughts and observations, tactics for improving the quality of the sites in various aspects and many questions for which they sought answers from other participants. Part of the discussion was one of the most popular SEO experts – Dawn Anderson, who actively shared knowledge at all levels in SEO.

All facilitators and attendees had the opportunity to participate in various sessions. The feeling of a real community of people united by common interests and a desire for new knowledge and exchange of experience from different points of view, was clearly felt.

Networking panels were expected by all with great desire and excitement, because they gave participants the opportunity to get to know and learn more about each other, as well as to talk about various issues with experts from Google Search and Google Search Console.

Other focus points from the Google’s event

In addition to Dido’s topic, the event also focused on SEO automation, the latest around the Google Search Console, Core Web Vitals, Log file analysis, Video SEO, policies for video content publishers, and many other current topics.

Martin Split, in addition to being an organizer, actively assisted all facilitators and participants in all technical and organizational issues, and he himself was also a facilitator in 2 sessions and an active participant in the discussions. He and Terry Ednacot perfectly fulfilled their mission to unite interesting and diverse people from the community, to create that pleasant feeling of excitement and accumulation of new knowledge among all participants. 

It is safe to say that this kind of event rarely happens nowadays and even less in a virtual format can create a pleasant and unique feeling and desire to be part of the next event again, again among these people. Before the end of the Google Webmaster Unconference, everyone thanked the organizers for the chance to be participants, for giving so much of themselves to make this event a reality, and for hoping that it will take place again soon.

It was also an honor for us at Serpact to be a part of you! Thank you!

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