Serpact’s Lightning Talk at Google Dance Zurich 2018

Yariv Adan / Group Product Manager - Google Assistant /

Serpact applied for and was approved to attend the Google Dance 2018 event, organized and conducted by Google Inc. on September 21 at the headquarters of the global search engine in Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition to the useful program of lectures by engineers from the Google team, the program included topics from digital marketing specialists and SEO in particular.

Fortunately, the topic of our colleague from Serpact – Dido Grigorov was approved, called: “403% more organic visitors in 12 months with the right site architecture”. For a very first time a Bulgarian company participated with a presentation at a Google event. This is a big recognition and breakthrough for both the Serpact agency and the digital marketers in Bulgaria as a whole.

When we arrived at Google Office Zurich, our excitement was great – we were about to visit Google’s headquarters, see John Muller and talk to engineers from the internet giant. At the door we met John, smiling and friendly, the man behind Webmaster Central Hangouts, who tirelessly explains and speaks online how Google works, how to optimally, efficiently and professionally optimize our sites. After that, we took our Google Dance Zurich T-shirts and move to the hall where lectures took place.

Serpact and John Mueller

Yariv Adan / Group Product Manager – Google Assistant /

voice search google

Yarriv just stunned us with examples and new information about Google Voice, Google Assistant and Google Voice Shopping. In real time, through his phone, he showed us how to talk to Google Assistant, and this conversation is logical and is just like a normal conversation between human beings.

Yariv showed us how flowers can be ordered through the Assistant’s voice and talk to Google about recipient, phone and shipping address. This is still a new feature, but its entry is basically ahead. As a conclusion, the Google engineer explained that voice search combines voice recognition, context understanding, user understanding, personalization, and much more. And behind all this stands AI / Artificial Intelligence /.

Serpact's Lightning Talk at Google Dance Zurich 2018

Myriam Jessier – Digital Strategist

Myriam Jessier

Miriam talks about her career as SEO, the importance of keeping her site safe and hacked. She also mentioned the difficulties with clients who are irresponsible to their site, maintenance and updating of their content. Miriam also considered the importance of knowing your audience and responding to their needs through the content of your site.

Mirko Eberlein – Senior Software Engineer / WebGate /

Mirko has reviewed and reminded SEO as a way of developing and advancing methods, algorithms, updates, techniques, and novelties. He talks about Onpage SEO, Structured Data, AMP, and Voice Search.

Na’ama Zohary – Software Engineer – Search Console


Naama as Google Search Engine Engineer has revealed new developments in the former Google Webmasters Tools, currently Google Search Console. Some of them are that you can test your site or parts of it for technical errors, remove them and test them in real time via Search Console if they are removed and if Google already sees them as fixed. This analysis takes Google up to 30 seconds for 100 Urls.

The so-called Lightning Talks began by lecturers were approved by Google to talk in an additional panel of good practice presentations and real-life cases. Among the several presentations we will mention that of our colleague from Serpact – Dido Grigorov.

Dido Grigorov / Serpact, Head of SEO /

dido grigorov google

“403% more organic visitors in 12 months with the right site architecture”

Dido described a real case with a client whose site had low traffic and a poor structure. Following the analysis of the SEO agency Serpact, a user-oriented content strategy and overall website structure corresponding to the content is implemented. After analysis and testing, some UX also helps for website improvements, making the site user-friendly.

The job takes months, but the ultimate effect is the increase in traffic quadruple, many customers and a satisfied owner of the business. The recap of the tips:

  • Have a well organized structure of your website with your target user on mind
  • Work hard on your content – make it useful and provide the best answer to the user, add even more value with facts and data in the content.
  • Think about the user all the time
  • Make a detailed Analysis of Searched and Used Phrases on the Web in your niche and implement them within the content
  • Have a well structured main navigation
  • Have your main content at a 1 click-distance.
  • Provide clear and actionable internal linking structure of your website

After all the lectures, we had the opportunity to ask John Muller a lot of questions, and Gary Illyes, also from Google, appeared and our amazement was double.

We are leaving with satisfaction and joy that we have learned a lot of new things, seen the important people of Google live and participated equally at a world event.

Expect more news about a future event of Serpact together with Google 🙂

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