Nikola Minkov participated as a lecturer in Kate Toon’s podcast “The Recipe for SEO Success”

Who is Kate Toon?
nikola minkov participated as a lecturer in kate toon’s podcast

Who is Kate Toon?


Kate Toone / / is a leading specialist with almost 20 years of experience. Kate Toon has extensive experience writing marketing text, advertising, SEO training and runs her own online podcast. She is the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, the online course and podcast The Recipe for SEO Success and is the author of the book Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur. Working in an office in the backyard of her house, wearing pajamas, and crunching chips, as she recounts, she developed these 3 successful businesses and helped many other entrepreneurs succeed in the Internet environment.

Kate regularly makes podcasts with global SEO, copywriting and marketing experts, covering a variety of useful topics in the field.

So far, Kate has interviewed prominent experts such as Yoast, Tim Capper, Eric Temple (Stone Temple Consulting), John Muller (Google), Bill Slavski, Craig Campbell and others.

Podcast theme: Practical Schema implementation: Q + A with Nikola Minkov – / Practical implementation of – Questions and Answers with Nikola Minkov /


This is a breakthrough again for Serpact and Bulgaria as a whole, because so far no specialists from our country have participated in this podium. Nikola Minkov of Serpact is the first Bulgarian optimizer to speak in The Recipe for SEO Success and give expert opinion on technical things in the field of SEO.

  • Here is the list of points that are affected by the podcast.
  • What is Schema? – Here Nikola explains what Schema is, by whom and with what body it was introduced.
  • Why is Schema important? – The specialist explains why Schema markup is important and why to use it. After pasting structured data, your site is categorized by Google, more streamlined and clear, and this is important for the search engine.
  • What are the benefits of Schema tagging? – Nikola Minkov explains that embedding Schema is not a direct ranking factor, but it helps Google understand your site activity much easier and indirectly improves your SERP ranking.
  • Good Schema Plugins – Nikola recommends several plugins for implementing Schema, namely Yoast SEO, Schema plugin, WP SEO Structured Data Schema and more.
  • Is Schema a plugin or manual implementation better? – For mass users Minkov recommends using a plugin, and for advanced users, putting pre-prepared JSON-LD code in the footer.php file.
  • What is Google’s structured data testing tool? – Nikola Minkov talks about the importance of this Google tool for testing your code and finding bugs.
  • Schema issues – The most common problems with structured data implementation.
  • Kate’s Podcast Listener Questions – Here Kate asks questions from her podcast followers and Nicola answers them and gives solutions to their problems.

The entire podcast can be listened to or downloaded on this address.

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