Dido Grigorov – The first SEO specialist with a separate webinar in SEMrush

Dido Grigorov, part of Serpact’s team, is the first Bulgarian SEO specialist with a separate webinar at SEMrush.

Dido Grigorov, part of Serpact’s team, is the first Bulgarian SEO specialist with a separate webinar at SEMrush. The webinar was held this Wednesday, 18:00 GMT online with the world-renowned SEO optimization and online competition research software Semrush.


At the beginning of the Webinar, Dido presented the most common problems with SEO analyzing sites today. These include:

  • Problems with properly optimizing the images of a website – one of the biggest problems for speeding up. Much of webmasters or developers leave large-sized photos, forget to write the title of the file correctly, or add an alt tag that explains to search engines and users with weak Internet connection what is visualized on the image.
  • Problems with placing http resources on SSL certificate pages – a common problem that confuses the search engine and
  • Pages with a low text-to-html ratio and short content – although not a ranking factor, according to John Muller from Google, it is extremely damaging to the boot rate. Remove the excess lines with HTML and make sure the content is placed Above-the-fold on the page or, in other words, as high as possible, because it is Google’s priority.
  • “Broken” internal and external links – an extremely important and critical issue! Broken links, internal or external, lower Google’s trust in the website, and more specifically, the quality of consumer experience, one of the leading ranking factors, poses a problem to properly access the content of the site and crawl its pages, the weight of internal links to the most important and minor pages.
  • Pages with missing meta descriptions – though not a ranking factor again, meta descriptions improve your site’s CTR metrics on Google’s pages. They have to summarize or report interesting facts from the page content to attract more users, and clicks on the Google result are useful for your website’s SEO campaign.
  • Duplicate content pages – for duplicate content, Google DOES NOT PUT PENALTY, but it could seriously harm the ranking of your important pages, which is already a problem for business. It consists of confusing a search engine, which page to rank, and which words to associate with it.

Then, in the next few minutes, the focus fell on real-time analysis of 4 different websites in several niches. Again, the most common issues mentioned by Dido at the beginning, along with some more specific problems for each site, were again presented.

Analyzes were made entirely in real time with almost no pre-training! The Auditing tool of SEMrush was used to audit the sites, which provides an extremely detailed report for technical site optimization as well as on-page / on-site optimization.

At the end of the event, Dido responded carefully to several audience questions, offering solutions to the problems of everyone who asked questions. In the course of the event, active users are about 200, and an interesting fact is the absence of any negative feedback – something typical of such events, albeit to a lesser extent.

SEMrush is a top SaaS software company to help SEO specialists analyze keywords, analyze competition, semantic site optimization ideas and content, backlink analysis, keyword monitoring and visibility analysis of a site, even with regard to its competitors. The company has built a unique community of marketers and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest and most successful search engine optimization and click advertising practices in Google AdWords. The company invited Dido to launch a new series of real-time web analytics videos.

Dido Grigorov is an SEO professional with 12 years of professional experience. He has worked for global companies such as RazorSocial, Tradologic, AgoraPulse and many others. In his portfolio he has over 200 successful projects from England, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and others. Dido’s passion is site audits, semantic optimization, website content strategy, site information architecture, keyword analysis, and link building strategies.

On 12.07 at 23:00 Bulgarian time, Dido will be a participant in a new SEMrush webinar. For more information and presence request, please visit the following URL: https://www.semrush.com/webinars/seo-surgery-with-david-bain-episode-5/?language=en .

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