The first joint event of Semrush and Serpact took place with high interest

Nikola Minkov, CEO at Serpact, Head of SEO: Technical SEO with SEMRush Audit Tool in 2018
the first joint event of semrush and serpact took place with high interest

On Saturday, the first Semrush and Serpact joint event, “Semrush and Serpact MeetUp in Sofia, October 2018”, was held with high interest and a visit by many SEO, PPC and content marketing professionals. SemRush is a leading SaaS software for digital marketing that is used by millions of professionals worldwide and has received many international awards – UK Search Awards, European Search Awards and more. In Bulgaria, Semrush participated for the first time in a stand-alone seminar to discuss the possibilities of the business analysis and development program.

Below, in chronological order, we present the presentations of the participants.

Nikola Minkov, CEO at Serpact, Head of SEO: Technical SEO with SEMRush Audit Tool in 2018

Nikola – CEO of Serpact introduced the audience to how SEO Audit is done with the SemRush tool, which points are important and how to remove them. Technical optimization is the foundation of any site, so it is important that it is well executed.

Dido Grigorov, Head of SEO, Serpact: Content Marketing and Semantic Content Optimization with Semrush in 2018

Dido talks about analyzing and improving the content on the site, evaluating the correct expressions and shaping the semantics in the texts. That’s why he mentioned several important SemRush functionalities that help with optimization.

Lyubomir Popov, CEO at How to use SEMrush for any PPC Campaign in GoogleAds

Lubomir from said that it has become increasingly difficult to analyze keywords and competitors through Google Keyword Planner. For this reason, he described how he uses SemRush for PPC purposes.

Fernando Angulo, Head of International Partnerships at SEMrush: The Meaning of Digital Strategy and Practical Insights on How to Build One

Fernando Angulo looked at the global picture of a business and its construction and development. He gave good examples and showed how to use SemRush wisely.

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