Dido Grigorov participates in Kate Tun’s podcast: Advanced Keyword Research techniques

Podcast theme: Advanced Keyword Research techniques
dido grigorov participates in kate tun’s podcast

Our colleague Dido Grigorov, (Head of SEO at Serpact), participates in an international podcast with the copywriter and SEO specialist from Australia – Kate Toon. Dido has many years of experience in the optimization of projects from abroad and Bulgaria and lately specializes in semantic search, machine learning and artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Some time ago, Nikola Minkov of Serpact participated in Kate’s podcast too, talking about the practical implementation of Schema.org.


Kate Toon herself is a specialist with 20 years of experience in copywriting, marketing content creation and Internet improvement. Kate herself is a specialist with 20 years experience in copywriting, marketing content creation and Internet improvement. She is a regular speaker of many events, consultant and presenter at The Clever Copywriting School and creator of the podcast The Recipe for SEO Success.

In “The Recipe for SEO Success,” she interviewed numerous digital marketing professionals. Kate is award-winning and has worked with established brands such as Westpac, the RTA, Curash and Kmart. With her skills as a text creator and marketer, Kate Toon has helped many businesses achieve high results in the internet and increase their reach. Interestingly, she does this from her office, which is in the back of the garden at her home.

Podcast theme: Advanced Keyword Research techniques

The topic commented by Dido Grigorov is extremely important. Professional keyword research techniques are fundamental to SEO. Content, and in particular text, is the component that gives meaning to a website and makes the customer visit it again and again and read and stay inside for a long time.

Advanced Keyword Research

But when it comes to the professional field, research, preparation and writing should be done according to plan and done on a timely basis. But sometimes finding and finding the right keywords is difficult and we get hungry, not knowing where to go or what to do. And working blindly is inefficient. Then comes the content marketing strategy.

Here are the points that are affected in the audio show:

  • When a detailed survey is most important
  • Dido’s recommendation for defining synonyms and related phrases
  • How do we find which keywords to target in a highly competitive niche?
  • Can free keyword tools compare to paid keywords?
  • High-ranking keyword ranking
  • How to balance attractive titles with practical keywords?
  • Use of primary and secondary keywords in headlines
  • Using a worldwide database of keywords

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