Nikola Minkov was a speaker at the Marketing Business Summit 2018 Milan

Nikola Minkov, Manager of SEO Agency Serpact Ltd.
nikola minkov was a speaker at the marketing business summit 2018 milan

Nikola Minkov, Manager of SEO Agency Serpact Ltd., will attend the Marketing Business Summit 2018 in Milan. We are happy to have another presence in another internationally ranked world-class marketing event. The invitation to Mr. Minkov is also a recognition of the level and quality of our work.

Marketing Business Summit 2018 Milan


Marketing Business Summit / or MB Summit / is an annual event for digital marketing and business, such as SEO, Social media, advertising, Growth Hacking, but also legal issues, motivation and coaching. This year’s event will feature both Google experts – John Muller / Webmaster Trends Analyst Google – with whom Serpact soon conducted a webinar, as well as experts from independent marketing companies, namely: Omi Sido from Canon Europe, Craig Campbell, Alexandra Tachalova from Digital Olympus and more.

Topics that will be covered are Machine Learning & SEO, LinkedIn for Business, Funnel Marketing eBusiness, Affiliate Marketing, Motivational Business, Business Networking, IOT Revolution. The event will be held at HOTEL MICHELANGELO – MILANO on 29-30 November 2018.

Topic: How to get more than 5K registration per month for a startup in affiliate sports betting niche

Nicholas will speak on a project that Serpact has worked on. Through onpage SEO best practices, content distribution, and a content marketing strategy for our client, we have achieved stunning results that have led to many affiliate site sign-ups and contributed to excellent conversions. Nicola will be in discussion with Gavin Bell, Andrea D’Ottavio, Fabio Sutto and Leonardo Saroni to discuss the different types of advertising, their effectiveness, and their application sites.

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