Dido Grigorov

Dido Grigorov - OnSite SEO Expert at Serpact


Dido Grigorov

Head of SEO – Serpact


Dido Grigorov’s IT interest starts with C++, as a foundation in programming, and front-end programming in 2001, when he also created his first sites on current versions of HTML & CSS for that time, dedicated to selling ringtones and MIDI files. Later, in 2003, his first interest in search engine optimization and programming began, but not with that much high focus.

In 2005, his classmate, friend, and software engineer ignited him for search engine optimization and the ability to make sites more visible on Google keywords. This is how homepage optimization tests begin, and a year later, the first small steps of working with clients.

In 2007, Dido began to regularly monitor the blogs of SEO professionals around the world, as well as the first major sites to discuss topics related to site optimization. He is also interested in search engine technologies and semantic search: Information Retrieval, Natural language processing, Text understanding and classification, Pattern recognition, Recommendation systems, Targeting systems, Ranking systems.

Dido is the first SEO specialist from Bulgaria to participate in the presentation of an event by Google – Google Dance Zurich on 09/21/2018 at the company’s Zurich office, Switzerland, with Nikola Minkov and Borislav Arapchev. He was also a facilitator at a second Google event – Google Webmaster Unconference, June 2021 on the topic – What is a great website quality in 2021?.

Dido is the only Bulgarian specialist to be awarded a page in the prestigious search engine optimization media seroundtable.com – https://www.seroundtable.com/dido-grigorov-25807.html


• Google Analytics,
• Google AdWords Fundamentals
• Google Mobile AdWords
• Google Video AdWords
• Google Shopping AdWords
• Google AdWords Display
• Google AdWords Search
• Google Digital Garage
• Google Analytics Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
• Google Analytics Platform Principles
• Bing Ads
• International SEO Fundamentals
• Hubspot Inbound Marketing
• Hubspot Content Marketing
• Hubspot Inbound Sales
• Hubspot Email Marketing
• SEMrush Certification For SEOs
• SEMrush Content Marketing

И много други: https://serpact.com/certificates/

Course, Specializations, Conferences and training:

  • Machine Learning – Stanford University
  • Machine Learning – University of Washington
  • Natural Language Processing – National Research University – Higher School of Economics
  • Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow – Deeplearning.ai
  • Sequence Models – Deeplearning.ai (Recurrent Neural Networks Based Course)
  • Convolutional Neural Networks – Deeplearning.ai
  • Text Retrieval and Search Engine – University of Illinois
  • Text Mining and Analytics – University of Illinois
  • Applied Text Mining in Python – University of Michigan
  • Hands-on Text Mining and Analytics – Yonsei University
  • Participated in the Google’s AMP Conference in Munich that took place on 08.11.2017: https://serp.ac/serpaabc72
  • Participated in Brighton SEO Conference in 2018.
  • C++ Programming Certificate
  • Golang Programming Certificate
  • Python Programmer Certificate
  • Python For Data Science Certificate

Lecturer at Bulgarian Conferences:

  • 2015 at the SEO Conference Lecturer on “CTR & User Experience – Foundations of Future SEO”
  • 2017 at Digital4Plovdiv, lecturer on “Real-time SEO audit of online store and common SEO issues “
  • 2018 at Digital4Plovdiv, a lecturer on “Semantic and technical SEO for hotels and restaurants”
  • 2018 at OA Live Edition, a lecture on “Content strategy – the engine of successful SEO optimization”
  • 2018 at SEMrush & Serpact Meetup, a lecture on “Content Marketing and Semantic Content Optimization with Semrush in 2018”
  • 2019 at SEMrush & Serpact Meetup, a lecture on “SERP SEO and Semantic Content Optimization Hand-in-Hand”
  • 2019 Digital4Varna – Participate in a panel discussion on “Useful SEO content – what is it and how do we create it?”

Lecturer at international conferences:

  • 2017 Independent webinar at the invitation of Semrush on the topic: “Semrush – Live Site Audit – Dido Grigorov”
  • 2017 Webinar with David Bain and a panel discussion on “Semrush – SEO Surgery with David Bain Episode 5”
  • 2018 SEMrush Webinar hosted by Nitin Manchanda and a panel discussion on “SEO Surgery India with Nitin 2.1”
  • 2018 Participation in Digital Olympus in a panel discussion on “Overlooked ways of acquiring traffic.”
  • 2018 Google Dance Zurich Lecturer with Lightning Talk on: “403% more organic visitors in 12 months with the right site architecture”
  • 2018 on the podcast (Australia) The Recipe for SEO Success by Kate Toon, lecturer on “Advanced Keyword Research” \
  • 2018 Second Approved Google Product Expert from Bulgaria, Silver Level, Webmaster Central Section
  • 2019 participation in the SEMrush Webinar on “SEMrush Toolbox # 3” with the presentation of a Case Study based on the SEMrush Content Analyzer tool
  • 2021 Facilitator at Google Webmaster Unconference, June 2021 for the topic – What is a great website quality in 2021?

Posts and Interviews

  • Creator of search advertising videos on demand for the SEMrush Academy Training Platform – expert videos on working with SEMrush tools to build a successful advertising campaign
  • OnCrawl guest post on “Top 35 Technical SEO Statements By John Mueller in 2018”
  • The online edition of Duma – Interview on “Trends and Traditions in the Development of Digital Marketing”
  • Interview for the Inter-Advertising website on “Video is a very positive signal for SEO and company brand”