We are honored to share the wonderful news that Serpact and DSK Bank won their second award together, this time from WEB Excellence Awards in the Advertising & Marketing | SEO, Integrated Campaign Category!     

Web Excellence Awards, or shortly WE-Awards, was launched to help drive excellence on the Web and set a high standard for creative, technical, and professional projects and websites. serpact_dsk_bank_we_awards

Web Excellence Awards’ mission is to honor, recognize and acknowledge innovation and creativity by providing a benchmark standard of excellence for evaluating all media types and channels on the Web.

This year we can judge the weight of the competition by the exclusive names among the winners. Our project with DSK Bank is proud to stand by names such as: 


The project that brought us the award wears the title:

Using Robotic Processing Automation and Big Query in a performance tool:

  • from 3.6M up to 11M non-brand Searches
  • from 15K up to 54K more phone calls

Our work on this project in steps:

Step 1: Data/information collection about location existence and accuracy;
Step 2: We made an Excel file based on the GMB documentation example sheet;
Step 3: Then data has been imported into 3 different groups of locations;
Step 4: If locations didn’t exist, we created them;
Step 5: We have been fixing all duplicated listings;
Step 6: If it is closed – we change its status to permanently closed;
Step 7: Our own software – All-in-one data solution;

All this was possible thanks to the professional feedback from the DSK Bank team and the exceptional relationships we built in the process.
We want to thank DSK Bank for the trust and thank the entire Serpact team for their dedication and striving to be better every day! Congratulations, colleagues!

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