Serpact and DSK Bank won at the Vega Awards in Best SEM Campaign Category

What did our project include?
Serpact and DSK Bank won at the Vega Awards in the SEM Campaign Category

We are honored to share our new award. 

We are honored to share the wonderful news that Serpact and DSK bank won their first Vega Award in the SEM Campaign Category!


In a world of videographic and digital awards, Vega serves as a rocket launching platform, showcasing talents worldwide and giving the winners a global recognition.


We are extremely humbled and proud to receive this beautiful statuette from Vega Awards 2021 for Best SEM Campaign and it’s a great honor to be selected as a winner in such a tough and renowned competition!

The project that brought us the award wears the title “1500 GMB lists – merging, analysis and optimization” – our extensive and super complex task for DSK Bank!

What did our project include?

Lots of effort, hours of analysis and testing, expertise and diligence are invested in this project!

The Campaign took months (over 500 hours) and includes:

DSK Bank had many inaccurate Google maps listings:

– 286 Local Listings / DSK Bank office locations;
– 154 Local Listings / SGE (Societe Generale Expressbank) office locations;
– 1029 Local Listings / DSK Bank & SGE ATM’s;

All of them were not merged into one account.

Other issues:

  • missing info;
  • missing listings;
  • not existing listings;
  • technical SEO improvements;

All this data needed to be updated and fixed.

What were the steps we took?

Our work on these 1469 listings in steps:

  • Step 1: Data/information collection about location existence and accuracy;
  • Step 2: We made an Excel file based on the GMB documentation example sheet;
  • Step 3: Then data has been imported into 3 different groups of locations;
  • Step 4: If locations didn’t exist, we created them;
  • Step 5: We have been fixing all duplicated listings;
  • Step 6: If it is closed – we change its status to permanently closed;
  • Step 7: Our own software – All-in-one data solution;

Other brands honored with The Vega Award

Some of the brands that have won The Vega Award:

We’d also like to express our gratitude to our client DSK Bank for trusting us with this complex endeavour and for providing the needed resources, time and freedom to work on it! Last but not least, a big thanks to Serpact’s team – every single one of you deserves this award 100%. Thank you for your skills, hustle and desire to develop and grow!

Congratulations, colleagues!

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