Nikola Minkov participated in SemRush webinar “SEO Audit / SEO Surgery India 2.8”

What is a webinar
nikola minkov participated in semrush webinar “seo audit seo surgery india 2.8”

SEO specialist Nikola Minkov from Serpact participates in a SemRush webinar entitled “SEO Audit / SEO Surgery India 2.8”.

What is a webinar

Webinars / online seminars / are a relatively new method for live conferencing on the Internet. They have several experts presenting on a particular topic and discussing different cases from their work. The strength of this approach is that it can involve people from different points of the globe at one and the same time in an internet event.

More about Semrush


Semrush is an online software created in 2008 as a subscription / Saas / marketing service. SemRush provides technical analysis of your site, providing guidance on weaknesses that need improvement. Shows the current position of your site on Google, your traffic sources, and links to your site. It is also very good at semantic content analysis on your web site, it also analyzes your competitors and on that basis gives you recommendations on what else you can improve.

It is one of the most popular tools worldwide and is currently used by over 3 million marketing professionals or agencies. It is one of the most popular tools worldwide and is currently used by over 3 million marketing professionals and agencies. Together with Nikola Minkov, other professionals from the digital marketing took part in the webinar, namely Nitin Manchanda (Trivago, living in Germany), Jono Alderson (Yoast, UK) and Krinal Mehta (Growth.Digital, India). All of these professionals audited one site suggested by the audience to show errors in it and what needed to be corrected.

SEO Audit / SEO Surgery India 2.8 and the topic of Nikola Minkov

Minkov in his presentation touched on the on-page elements of a strong website as a basis for a good SEO strategy. Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, RSS, SSL, Canonical, Redirects, URLs, Titles, Descriptions, Alt Tags, H1, H2, Page Speed, Mobile Usability, User Experience – all these parameters are very important and should be tracked one one by one, to the best of their ability. They should also be monitored periodically for dynamic sites where new and new pages are constantly generated.

Google Signals in Search Console also need to be tracked because removing them is important and is driving traffic growth. You can see Minkov’s webinar presentation on SlideShare.

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