The Serpact team grew by two new specialists

 SEO Аgency Serpact increased with two more SEO specialists
През 2017 година екипът на Serpact успява да се развива и към екипа на фирмата се присъединиха двама нови специалисти.

 SEO Аgency Serpact increased with two more SEO specialists

 SEO Аgency Serpact increased with two more SEO specialists
In 2017  Serpact team is growing and two new specialists joined the company’s team. One of them is the well-known Dido Grigorov – one of the best  SEO experts in Bulgaria who has proved his professionalism over the years in different markets and niches. With his more than 12 years of experience, Dido will add considerable value to the services of the company.

Dido Grigorov - Senior SEO expertDido Grigorov – Senior SEO expert

He started his career in SEO optimization of personal blogs and websites in foreign countries – mainly in USA and England. In 2007 he started gradually to enter into the digital marketing, combining his optimization with content strategies, work with the content structure, the architecture of the websites and realizing advertizing click companies in Google AdWords.

In  2013, after the entering of  Google Hummingbird algorithm, he started zealously making semanthic optimization – the so called  Semantic SEO in combination with the creation of detailed strategies and plans for building new content and optimizing the current content of websites, entities analysis, semanthic analysis of texts, related keywords, LSI keywords, Suggested keywords, TF-IDF, semantic distance and  connections between keyword terms, co-occurrence, phrase basic indexing and other.

Dido’s portfolio includes world’s top brands like Tradologic, Razorsocial (social media for news by the popular marketologist  Ian Cleary), AgoraPulse (top software for control of Facebook pages and companies), College Financial Aid Advisors (top American websites offering intermediation for the university applications of highschool students ).

Currently Dido is studying in detail the techniques for semanthic text extraction by search engines in University of Illinois, as well as specializing  SEO  with the help of the famous Eric Enge and Dave Lloyd (Global Search Marketing Manager – Adobe).

Pavel Sarandiev OffPage SEO specialistPavel Sarandiev OffPage SEO specialist

Pavel Sarandiev takes the position of a young OffPage SEO specialist in the beginning of  2017. Pavel has completed courses on Computing, Link Building, Semanthics and Photoshop. He takes part in all projects of the company on  OffPage SEO, as he joined the department for OffPage, headed by Hristo Samandzhiev.

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