SMX West Survey – San Jose 2017

One conference for digital marketing is useful, if you have learned a lot and made contacts!

On the photo  John Mouller from Google and  Nikola Minkov from Serpact after a conversation in Googleplex at a Google Party

This year another SMX West conference  was carried out which was about SEO, social marketing and advertising {AdWords} in San Jose, Californa in USA, on which the owner of  SEO Аgency Serpact was present. Remarkable lecturers about which you will read below, perfect organization by  Matt Van Wagner and much, much new knowledge.

This is the best investment in my professional career. I do not regret about any cent that I invested in this long trip. All the things that I ‘ve learned from these remarkable lecturers from  SMX West will improve our work several times more and add value to our services in a special way. Also, the valuable advice from John Mouller and Gary Illyes will leave a mark in our work .
On the photo  Gary Illyes from Google and Nikola Minkov from  Serpact after a conversation in SMX West

SMX is as big as the lecturers are, it’s huge!!

Jason Douglas from  Google to Google Home Assistant

The future lies in  Voice Search which is going to become a stronger factor in SEO 3.0., and Jason Douglas explained about Google Home Assistance, which is emerging as a SEO 4.0., several advantages:

1. Easier surfing , you don’t need to type from your keyboard
2. Very well-organized information
3. It helps you organize your day better 
4. Several important questions that were asked:
 4.1. Is SEO possible for Google Home Assistance?
 4.2 Are there going to be advertizements in  Google Home Assistance?
 4.3. How to add our website in  Google Home Assistance ?
 4.4. All the questions were answered of course but we will keep that to ourselves..

On the photo Jason Douglas from Google presents Google Home Assistant

Eric Enge – down to earth and amazing!

It’s not hard to pay attention to the people that have huge aura around them. People that have big knolwedge and  who you should  much respect for all their achivements and knowledge.  Eric Enge is the perfect example for this. I thank him for all his priceless advice and a wonderful presentation. You can find more information about him and  Mark Traphagen on

On the photo Eric Enge from Stone Temple and Nikola Minkov from  Serpact after a conversation at SMX West

Mobile Index 1st – Eric Enge

On the photo Eric Enge shows with examples why  – Mobile Index 1st

1. Making a comparison between mobile and desktop search.
 1.1. Moibile – 55.79%
 1.2. Desktop – 44.21%
2. Where to look for mistakes:
 2.1. Key content is maybe missing from your pages
 2.2. Your  Crawl budget is maybe spent 
 2.3. Missing structural information
 2.4. Missing SEO tags
3. Next were several Case Studies by Eric:
 3.1. Discrepancy between the indexed pages for desktop and mobile devices  in favor of desktop, we all know that this is a problem. 
 3.2. Broken links between the two versions
 3.3. 301s discrepancies
 3.4. 302s discrepancies
4. Canonical – two copies for mobile pages 
5. Categories without navigation for mobile devices thanks to click depth, which is  217 clicks
6. Missing structured data for mobile pages 
7. This is a little part from all common mistakes

Leslie To on Mobile SEO Design

A really interesting presentation by Leslie To, who explained very accurately about the big gaps in the design of mobile devices

A really interesting presentation by  Leslie To, who explained very accurately about the big gaps in the design of mobile devices, and namely:

1. Speed
2. Usability
3. Accessibility
4. Avoiding to put  Download APP on the whole screen because a user always can download an APP if they want. If you want, you can put it above in the header, stylized and discreet. 
5. Mega menu should not be used for mobile devices!
6. Make sure the text is at least 16px
7. Tap target minimum 48px
8. It will be good if you have user functionality in the website with which they do not exit their keyboard during the flight changing – for example in a contact form.
9.  Target blanc  should not be used for mobile devices
10. Check your Meta Viewport tag

Barry Schwartz – he knows what  SEO is!

On the photo Barry Schwartz  from Rusty Brick and Nikola Minkov from  Serpact after a conversation at SMX West

Danny Sullivan – unique moderator without secrets in the digital marketing !

 Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land on the photo and Nikola Minkov from  Serpact after a conversation at SMX West.

Voice Search – SEO 3.0.

Benu Aggarwal, Bryson Meunier, Purna Virji on Voice Search

On the photo Benu Aggarwal, Bryson Meunier, Purna Virji are discussing questions from the public about  Voice Search

A lecture connected with  Voice Search which is emerging very quickly and is expected to become SEO 3.0., in brief about the presentations by Benu Aggarwal, Bryson Meunier, Purna Virji:

1. Huge rate of  Voice Search until 2021
2. Longer words are being searched
3. The main search is with questions
4. There are PPC campaigns
5. Analysis: Where | When | Why | Who | How?
6. SEO without Serp – it is possible!
7. The use of is necessary
8. Zero {0} position in  Serp
9. How to test with Voice Search
10. Checks
11. What happens with CTR?
12. There were many interesting questions because of the fact that the topic is higly interesting.

International SEO оptimization with Aleyda Solis and Andy Atkins-Kruger

Aleyda Solis and Andy Atkins-Kruger about international optimization 

On the photo Aleyda Solis and Andy Atkins-Kruger on the international SEO optimization

The lecture was full with many examples given by  Aleyda Solis and Andy Atkins-Kruger  in which they show what we should pay attention to and what are the most common mistakes in the international SEO. Of course they were discussed in detail:

1. Hreflang
2. Canonical
3. The translations and their quality 
4. URL structure
5. Settings in Google Console

Gary Illyes – extraordinary, AMA!