Serpact Report 2017

The Serpact ™ team submits its traditional annual report on completed projects for 2017. We also include trends for 2018, as well as key moments for 2017 in the development of Serpact ™
Serpact Report 2017

The Serpact ™ team submits its traditional annual report on completed projects for 2017. We also include trends for 2018, as well as key moments for 2017 in the development of Serpact ™

A List of All Performed SEO Audits in 2017

The Serpact ™ team completed 79 SEO audits for 2016. The channels that led to the queries are: Partners mainly from Bulgaria and recommendations from satisfied customers. The percentage distribution by country is as follows:

  • Bulgaria: over 45%
  • US: over 10%
  • United Kingdom: about 10%
  • Australia: under 5%
  • Switzerland: under 5%
  • South Africa: under 5%
  • Sweden: under 5%
  • Germany: under 5%
  • Italy: under 5%
  • Other countries: less than 5%

A list of all performed SEO Audits in 2017

The Serpact ™ team completed 442 SEO audits for 2017, all of which came only through three channels: Organic Traffic, Recommendations from Satisfied Customers and Partners from the US, for which we want to thank everyone for their trust in us. The breakdown by country is as follows:

  • US: over 30%
  • Bulgaria: about 25%
  • United Kingdom: about 20%
  • Australia: 10%
  • Switzerland: under 10%
  • Other countries: less than 5%

Comparison of Serpact ™ for 2016 versus 2017:

The SEO audits for 2016 compared to the ones for 2017 have increased by 559%, and the main credit for this is in the new work process for monthly SEO optimization of Serpact ™ clients. These statistics include SEO audits for existing Serpact ™ clients, as well as new clients who have requested an audit. Each agency client receives one or in some cases all of the following types of reports:

  • Weekly OnPage
  • Weekly OffPage
  • Monthly OnPage
  • Monthly OffPage
  • Monthly report on the work done on the project, including manual analysis and explanation of each process plus discussion of the project with the client

Comparison of completed SEO audits by Serpact ™ for 2017 compared to completed:

  • The audits of Serpact ™ compared to the previous year are marked by a significant increase. This is due to the OnPage internal technical team built in 2016 and expanded in 2017, which integrates any change without external intervention. We also present a little data averaged:Serpact ™ Audit Terms of Reference:
    Minimum: 5 working hours
    Maximum: 200 working hours
    On average: about 100 business hours
    Number of programmers participating in the project:
    Minimum: one
    Maximum: three
    Average around: two

Number of queries against Number of Serpact ™ projects taken:

  • The Serpact ™ team offers an individual approach for each client in order to maintain the quality of work, the agency has refused a huge number of clients for 2017. This is also the time to offer our sincere apologies to any client who has failed to get started with Serpact ™. Little data:Number of inquiries: 593 pieces
    Of the total number of queries / per month for SEO: 151
    Serpact ™ strives to maintain the current quality of service: 144
    New SEO Optimization Projects Taken For 2017: 7
    Of the total requests / for SEO audits: 442
    Number of SEO auditing integration projects undertaken: 282
    Number of SEO Integrated Audits by Client: 160
    Total number of Serpact ™ SEO optimization projects per month: 19
    Serpact ™ clients (projects) have abandoned: 1 client with 1 project for 2017 in the third month of the project due to the client’s financial difficulties

SEO Trends in 2018

Serpact ™ owner Nikola Minkov presented in Sofia at eCommBlitz & Networking 2017 and subsequently at Digital4Plovdiv 2017 a lecture on Trends in SEO Optimization for 2018, under the name “SEO -Comando 2018”, which you can see in the bottom panel. An interesting fact was that Search Engine Journal published a query of up to 47 of the top SEO experts worldwide for SEO trends for 2018, which are the same as those of Nikola Minkov.

Highlights for 2017 in the development of Serpact ™

In the following chart, you can track some of Serpact ™’s key points for the past 2017, as well as those planned for 2018. Of course, this is a small part of them ..

“Thank you to the Serpact ™ team for their hard work, hard work, perseverance and every hour they spent in the office. You’re great!

I would also like to thank Dido Grigorov for joining the Serpact ™ project.

To all the clients we have been working with for several years and to those who have been with us recently: Thank you for your trust, for your courage to believe us, for our shared successes and for your will to handle any difficulty, we are here for you!

Thanks to colleagues from Idea Studio – Borislav Arapchev, Inbound – Dimitar Dimitrov, SEOM – Ognyan Mladenov, Netpeak – Gennady Vorobyov, Viste – Victor Genchev and Stefan Velikov, SEM – Lyubomir Popov, EventsBakery – Lyubomir Stoyanov, SEOM they are trying to develop this industry, that they provide labor and that they are great professionals.

Last but not least, because they occupy a special place in my life, my wife Katya and my daughters Nicole and Valentine.

Thanks also to the Lord for keeping my family, my team and me safe.

Happy greetings for the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays! “

– Nikola Minkov, owner of Serpact ™

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