Our Story with Bill Slawski

How we will remember him

Hello everyone! We all at Serpact wanted to share a little something about Bill. I’m saying “we” because we are a SEO agency and every single one of the team has learned a ton from the great expert and person that Bill is.

How we will remember him

I still remember how nervous we were to invite him to our monthly webinar series… and surprisingly he not only said Yes, but we had one of the most amazing experiences with him while streaming the webinar.

His work throughout the years

Throughout the years he helped many specialists and companies, translating in understandable language the Google patents, etc. Not only an extremely good expert, but a human with a golden heart as well!

We learned so much from him not only because he is a great professional in the SEO industry, but a sharing and carrying person as well.

And I know from the bottom of my heart that he will continue spreading knowledge, sharing SEO wisdom and macro pictures of flowers from CA as he keep on doing till now.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for a fast and seamless recovery as soon as possible!

And Bill, thank you! Thank you from every single one of us!

And for the curious ones – here you can see the webinar that we did together here.

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