DSK Bank: 16 Million More Impressions in 6 Months

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Total increase

16 million impressions in 6 months

Increase in phone calls

from 15 thousand to 54 thousand

Google Maps Impression Growth /GBP/

from 5.2 million to 12.5 million views

DSK Bank is one of the most reputable banks in Bulgaria. It was established in 1951 as the State Savings Bank – the only deposit and credit institution for retail banking. 

DSK Bank is currently owned by the Hungarian OTP Bank – a regional market leader in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It serves over 2.6 million customers. 

More about DSK Bank

  • It serves over 30,000 customers a day in its branch network.
  • Processes 112 card payments every minute.
  • It issues over 2 million active bank cards.

The main challenge:

The DSK Bank team contacted us due to problems with many inaccurate locations on Google Maps.

  • 286 offices of DSK Bank;
  • 154 offices of SGE (Societe Generale Expressbank);
  • 1,029 ATMs of Bank DSK and SGE;

All these 1,469 locations were not collected in one common account, which was a real challenge for our team. We had to optimize their locations in GBP (Google Business Profile) and improve their visibility in Google Maps.

Other challenges:

  • Missing or inaccurate information;
  • Missing locations of offices and ATMs;
  • Existing locations of non-functioning offices and ATMs;
  • Need for improvements in the technical aspects of SEO and more precisely in NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number).

The result:

Total growth with 16 million impressions in 6 months

Increase of phone calls – from 15 thousand to 54 thousand

Growth of impressions in Google Maps /GBP/ – from 5.2 million to 12.5 million views

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Solutions and strategy

As a part of our work, we processed and optimized a total of 1,469 locations by using our own software: All-in-one data solution.

Step 1: We gathered information about existing and active locations.

Step 2: We created tables with the necessary information, strictly according to Google Business Profile /GBP/ documentation.

Step 3: We imported the data into three different location groups.

Step 4: We created all the missing locations.

Step 5: We corrected all duplicate locations.

Step 6: We updated the status of each object strictly using NAP (Name Address and Phone Number) unification.

The communication partnership with Google in the work process was a huge advantage for us. 

During the process, we had multiple communications with Google and exchanged many emails to clarify some details on preparing the bulk files for importing data from GBP (Google Business Profile).

What we achieved in numbers

Thanks to our proprietary software solution, we were able to aggregate, analyze and optimize around 1,500 GBP locations in a single view.

For this purpose, we used RPA (Robotic Processing Automation) as well as BigQuery in a built Performance Marketing tool for the purposes of the assignment.

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We achieved the following results:

  • Growth from 3.6 million impressions on Google Discover to 11 million views on Google Business Profile;
  • Growth from 5.2 million impressions in Google Maps to 12.5 million impressions / Google Business Profile;
  • Growth from 1.5 million impressions in Google Organic Search to 6.8 million impressions in Google Business Profile;

Total growth with 16 million impressions in 6 months.

  • Increase in total clicks from 1.01 million to 1.31 million.
  • Increase in total impressions from 6.24 million to 8.12 million.
  • Average position from 6.8 to 5.5 / Google Search Console.
  • 106% increase in users / Google Analytics.
  • 58% increase in conversion rate / Google Analytics.
  • Growth from 3.6 million to 11 million non-brand searches.
  • Growth from 15 thousand to 54 thousand more phone calls.
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