Nord Recycling: How we achieved 91% visibility


Nord Recycling


SEO Optimization

Start Date:

March, 2019

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Company Operation
Waste management, recycling of motor oils, batteries and accumulators, tires and electrical appliances.

Improve indexing, traffic and visibility on the Internet.

Planning, preparing a project strategy and organizing tasks were carried out. An overall plan was broken down into departments:

Technical Work

On-Page SEO

One of the first steps in starting SERPACT client site optimization work is the OnPage SEO audit. The audit complies with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google SEO Starter Guide.It shows errors and locations that need correction, incorrect, missing, or poorly constructed elements.
Интегрираха се няколко вида структурирани данни

We went through a serious process of checking and correcting duplicate titles and descriptions, improving the speed of the site, and embedding structured data to give Google information tidy and make it easier to understand the site.

Several types of structured data were integrated- Local Business, Organization.

The address structure of the site was divided into categories, tailored to the individual activities of the company – oils, tires, batteries, and the distribution of content by these sections. The meta descriptions, titles were then corrected, https corrected, and mixed content corrected, all errors fixed.

The big challenge was that the de facto site brought together 3 companies and 3 micro sites and that had to be submitted to the menu. Accordingly, an appropriate hierarchy was created that gave weight to individual sections.

Content and semantic part

The Serpact Semantic Division has entered a semantic plan. 

– Nordic Copywriter 1 (Special Content) – Create content by task and strategy for Serpact content 
– Nord copywriter 2 (specialized content) – custom content creation and strategy for Serpact content

Content Distribution

Content distribution – to existing pages and existing addresses. This is an important process of promoting a site and distributing it to more online channels.


Sitemap на
2 things helped to index the site – good sitemap and good formatting of content according to guidelines / structured data /. We wrote about the JSON format above. Structured data helps Google understand more about the company.


Work Hours: 47 hours
Participants: 6 team members
Duration: 2 months



We can not be proud of the excellent result for our client. The data speak for themselves.

91% Visibility

91% Visibility

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