95% visibility in 9 months


How we achieved 95% visibility in less than 9 months

Service: Web-site building and SEO campaign
Start Date: July, 2019

  • Total customer budget: +5 000 EUR;
  • Website building: -700 EUR;
  • SEO strategy: -1 300 EUR;
  • Monthly SEO tasks: ~ 300 EUR * 9 months = -2 700 EUR / 116 tasks = ~ 23.25 EUR per task;
  • Budget spent: 4 700 EUR;



In this publication we consider a case study / real case with our client /, which gives us conclusions and benefits – what methods to use in marketing strategy.

Activity: is a photo studio specializing in product photography in online stores. 360-degree photos, video of accessories and small items, as well as shooting of clothes, shoes, toys, industrial products, retail products are available.

Target: It took 9 months from the development of the website, the preparation of the SEO strategy and the launch of the SEO tasks to the achievement of the set goals, namely the achievement of a higher visibility of 75%.

PhotoPro tasks

Web platform construction

We started by building a website based on WordPress, without using a theme or a specific builder for the purpose.

In this plan we have set main goals:

  • Do not use a ready-made theme or builder for the website because it will reduce the loading speed of the website
  • Create a low-budget custom design so we can shift the budget to marketing
  • Create relevant content with the PhotoPro team, which includes images and videos (if applicable)

Then, within 25 working days, we built the platform with completed content.

SEO strategy

We had to create a to-do list before building the platform because the content strategy was related to building the content of the website. We created a short list of the main tasks that we included in the strategy:

PhotoPro Content Marketing Plan

SEO tasks

We have created a constant cycle of tasks to manage the process with full control over the circumstances:

  • Create relevant blog content
  • Website On-Page Monitoring
  • Create internal links by adding content
  • We started working with media through Serpact contacts
  • Outreach Campaigns

We adapted the strategy every month because the needs changed and the environment was dynamic.

SEO Results

We managed to achieve 95% visibility in the 9th month of the project:
Photopro Visibility

Organic Traffic GSC

Since the start of the project we have managed to achieve the following results in 9 (nine) months:

PhotoPro GSC Performance

GSC Coverage

The project was under constant monitoring and this contributed to 0 errors or warnings in the GSC (Google Search Console).

PhotoPro GSC Coverage

Mobile Usability GSC

We did not have any errors or warnings in GSC for Mobile Usability for the 9 month period:

PhotoPro GSC Mobile Usability


We integrated AMP for the blog on the website from the very beginning, which contributed to the overall increase in the visibility of the project:

PhotoPro GSC AMP

Structure Data Markup

We implemented in the very core of WordPress a job for several Structure Data Markup‘s as follows:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Logos
  • Sitelinks searchbox

PhotoPro Structure Data Markup

Traffic SerpStat

Traffic trend from the beginning of the project until April 2020:

PhotoPro SerpStat Traffic Trend

Keywords SerpStat

Keywords trend from the beginning of the project until April 2020:

PhotoPro Keywords Trend

Visibility SerpStat

Visibility trend from the beginning of the project to April 2020:

PhotoPro SerpStat Visibility Trend

In conclusion

This is not one of Serpact’s biggest projects, but every project has a soul and a heart, and when that is passed on to the team and it works willingly, the results are not late. This is one of the reasons why we are proud of every project, because we do not divide them into large and small clients, they are all important to us.