SkySWC – Increased Organic and Local Traffic, Session Growth: + 476%


Skyscraper Window Cleaning LLC, Seattle, USA


SEO Optimization

Start date:

August 2018

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SkySWC – Increased Organic and Local Traffic, Session Growth: + 476%


Sky SWC is one of the leading window cleaning companies in Seattle, USA. Starting its activity with manual work and climbing of climbers on buildings, the next stage the company purchases a self-climbing HighRise ™ window cleaning system, which it operates in the most modern way. This method allows safe operation and perfect cleaning of buildings with only steam under pressure. The company has served facilities such as Mayflower Park Hotel, The Pioneer Building, The Charter Hotel Downtown Seattle, WAC, Icon Apartments and more.

Current Situation

Sky SWC operates in a highly competitive environment from window cleaning companies in Seattle and nearby cities.

The site of the company was brand new, content-free, of low speed and structure, without a good and solid technical SEO basis.

The client had no clear content and architecture strategy.

There was no Google Local Business presentation and no local SEO strategy at all.

Our Strategy

Part 1 – Technical SEO

We started with improving the site code. All code was cleared, in particular: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON-LD.

In the process of rewriting, we anticipated an increase in loading speed. We raised it significantly!

We integrated the Local Business tagging with all of its specific features.

Comprehensive and upscale GMB (Google My Business) optimization strategy for local businesses.

Everywhere for the convenience of customers, the phone number was clicked – for direct calling.

To each service were added 2 buttons – for direct call and for inquiry / Booking / of the service.

A sitemap was created on the site so that all URLs can be properly sent to Google.

Part 2 – Google My Business

Strategy for encouraging customers to leave feedback after completing site work.

Important brand alerts for Google My Business have been added to the Contact page on the website.

NAP (Name, address and phone number) “Citations” strategy that involves the use of custom incentives for hotel brand quotes.


Part 3 – Comprehensive Content Strategy

We did a comparative study of keywords and phrases used by potential customers.

All phrases and keywords form the so-called. semantic core and sub-cores of the hotel.

We used these semantic kernels and sub-kernels and created a document to extend the structure of the current content of the website.

As a result: content was prepared for this survey and some additional sections were added.

A blog content and scheduling strategy was created and linked to that strategy.


Part 4 – User Behavior Analysis

Lucky Bansko Team

We use Hotjar Software to monitor what users are doing on site pages.

HeatMap analysis was also performed and analyzed.

Some changes were made according to the data shown by the software.



The result is more than eloquent – ranking # 1 by key keywords, impressions growth (+ 36%) and sessions (+ 108% new sessions, overall session growth + 476%). Our client is more than satisfied – many calls, orders and more staff are available.

  • 476% growth of organic sessions
  • 92% more local website visitors
  • 24 URL Rating in Ahrefs


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