Em Art: ~60% share of organic traffic and ~4,700 orders in 9 months


Em Art



Start date:

March 2020

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Em Art: How We Achieved 30K Impressions


Trade in beads, hobby and craft materials, also natural stones, handmade martensils and materials for their selection.

Improving traffic and visibility on the Internet.

Planned, prepared project strategy and organized tasks. A comprehensive plan was written, divided by department.

Content strategy and semantic part

We performed comparative research on keywords and phrases used by potential customers. All phrases and keywords form the so-called semantic core and sub-cores of business activity.

We used these semantic cores and sub-cores and created a document to extend the current content structure of the website.

As a result: the content was prepared according to this study and some additional sections were added.

A Category Content Strategy and Timeline was created and linked to this strategy.

Serpact’s semantic department prepared a semantic plan.

– Em Art copywriter 1 (specialized content) – content creation according to assignment and content strategy;
– Em Art copywriter 2 (specialized content) – content creation according to assignment and content strategy.


Schema Markup за Product

More than 40 referrals during consultation (session 1 and session 2) and implementation check helped to index the site. The main critical elements were: XML Sitemap, Crawling & Rendering, good content formatting according to schema.org /structured data/ guidelines.

Structured JSON data helps Google understand more about the products offered.

SEO tasks

We created a constant cycle with tasks to manage the process with full control:

  • Creating relevant content in categories;
  • Creating internal links with the addition of content;

SEO Results

We managed to achieve 95% visibility in the 9th month since the start of the project:

  • ~ 46% of conversions go through Organic Traffic or in 9 months from < 10 to ~ 4,700;
  • ~ 62% of total traffic is Organic;
Emart Serpact Case Study

Organic traffic GSC

Since the launch of the project, we managed to achieve the following results in 9 (nine) months:

Em Art GSC Performance

Mobile Usability GSC

The project was under constant monitoring and this contributed to minimizing errors or warnings in GSC for Mobile Usability during the period:

Em Art GSC Mobile Usability

Structure Data Markup

We implemented a few Structure Data Markup, jobs as follows:

  • BreadcrumbList;
  • Product;
  • Organization;
Em Art Structure Data Markup

Traffic SerpStat

Traffic trend from the beginning of the project until January 2021:

Em Art SerpStat Traffic Trend

Keywords SerpStat

Keywords trend from the beginning of the project to January 2021:

Em Art Keywords Trend

Visibility SerpStat

Visibility trend from the start of the project to January 2021:

Em Art SerpStat Visibility Trend

In conclusion

As you know for us as an agency it is important to show different projects in diverse niches with a non-standard approach. As in this project, the client chose some of our services and thus we jointly achieved these results. This would not have been possible without the client’s wonderful copywriters who contributed immensely.

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