• AdSense and AdMob Monetization in 2020 with Aurora Morales

    Currently a Monetized Education Specialist, Aurora helps publishers to properly and efficiently monetize their content on AdSense and AdMob. As an ex-Trust & Safety Sr. Outreach Strategist at Google, Aurora supported site owners and content creators on improving content accessibility through search.

    Before joining Google in her previous role as a Brand Specialist, Aurora spent time at Twitter and Youtube, and also has a background in journalism.

  • Main participant

    Aurora Morales
    Monetized Education Strategist at Google


  • Participant 1

    Nikola Minkov - CEO of Serpact

  • Participant 2

    Dido Grigorov - Head of SEO at Serpact

Webinar agendas

  • Latest changes in Publisher Policies 2019/2020;

  • Best practices in mobile apps monetization;

  • AdSense Policies and Content Placement & Guidelines and Website Promotion In 2020;

  • My AdSense / AdMob accounts are suspended.

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  1. Stanislava Georgieva

    It was an interesting and useful presentation. Grasias 🙂

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