• Amplify your Content Marketing Strategy by Mapping it to the Buying Funnel with Fernando Angulo

    Strategic planning at the outset of your content marketing strategy sets you up to get the most out of the content created. During this presentation, you will learn how to help your marketing team to focus on amplification, not content creation and adapt the content that can be used to guide visitors into every stage of your buying funnel.

  • Main participant

    Fernando Angulo
    Head Of Communications at SEMrush


  • Participant 1

    Borislav Arapchev - SEO Strategist at Serpact

  • Participant 2

    Dido Grigorov - Head of SEO at Serpact

Webinar agendas

  • Content optimization in the Era of Machine Learning

  • ЕАТ and YMYL in 2020

  • What is the current state of Digital Marketing in the Era of Covid-19

  • What is the future of Digital Marketing in the next years?

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