• Latest Google Patents With Bill Slawski

    We are proud to present one of the legends in SEO around the world - Bill Slawski. We will talk 60 minutes about Google Patents and their impact on the latest SEO practices.

  • Main participant

    Bill Slawski - Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital
    Seo by the sea


  • Participant 1

    Dido Grigorov - Head of SEO, Serpact

  • Participant 2

    Nikola Minkov - CEO and Head of SEO, Serpact

Webinar agendas

  • What is a Google Patent?
    What kind of information we can get from the patents and how we can use it in our optimization work?

  • Latest Google Patents
    Some Patents Granted and Published Recently Gave Clarity On Some Interesting Technologies Used By Google. Let's discuss them.

  • Top Patents With Highest Impact on SEO
    We will have a look at these patents and how and why do they impact the SEO so much.

  • Q&A
    Leave your questions during the livestream and you will receive a direct reply from Bill Slawski.

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