• Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines & E-A-T in Todays SEO

    Online marketers and SEOs started talking about E-A-T more and more. Let's find out why is it important with our guest - Marie Haynes.

  • Main participant

    Marie Haynes
    Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.


  • Participant 1

    Dido Grigorov - Head of SEO, Serpact

  • Participant 2

    Borislav Arapchev - SEO Strategist, Serpact

Webinar agendas

  • What is the Quality Raters’ Guidelines?
    Is there any impact on our website SEO?

  • What is E-A-T?
    What is a high-quality page in Google’s opinion? What are the best practices for the perfect E-A-T Page?

  • Е-А-Т and Mobile Device Content
    What is the impact of E-A-T on the mobile device content and how to optimize on mobile devices for E-A-T?

  • Q&A
    Leave your questions during the livestream and you will receive a direct reply from Marie Haynes.

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